Elite Crow and Torvald



How was the grind? :stuck_out_tongue:


Holey. You got the Elite Skin in less than 24 hours? Either you hacked, or you have way too much time on your hands/is dedicated to Evolve. Its probably the 2nd one.


2 elite skins!


Yeah, it was 2. Right now I am trying to get Elite Behemoth. I have feeling he will look awesome. I am on the Expert part now.


Torvald is easy. Crow is the real grindy one.


Behemoths Elite Tongue Grab and Fissure seem Grindy. Grab 125 Mid Air Hunters? hit multiple hunter 100 times? THAT’S JUST OVER KILL!


Crow looked a lot easier than Torvald. At best they both seemed pretty easy. I want them all. I got all 5 of them to 1-star yesterday, we’ll see how far I get with 2-stars today.


I want Slim but his looks bad.


I have seen a thread, that one of Slims Experts are bugged and cannot be completed.


Started playing on 17:00, got elite Crow on 23:00. So, six hours including ocasional break and playing support here and there. I would’t really call it a grind, it was pretty easy to master him.


Elite Gobi looks ace!


They should elite behemoth in stream i didnt care for him


That was fast. :open_mouth:
Torvald’s elite skin kinda looks like Captain America!


So can you tell me what the 3rd star requirement for Shrapnel Grenade was? It says “Damage the Monster with 5 Shrapnel Grenades without taking damage 10 times.” Does this mean hit the Monster with 5 grenades? As in, I’m just gonna be running around tossing grenades trying not to get hit?


That’s exactly it. 5 monster hits with shrapnel grenades without taking damage. You have to do this a total of 10 times


Same here with the stars. Two stars seems pretty easy on everyone except maybe Sunny. I’m curious to see what three stars looks like.


Heh, was just was playing Defend, threw 90 grenades, got +2.


Have you seen Slim’s 2 star challenges? The spore gun challenge is very annoying, and the 50 revives with the drone is a bit high.


I have. I checked them all out after I hit one star. The 50 revives seems really fast in Rescue, but I have heard the spore gun is glitched. So, that blows. Also, did you notice his healing gun mastery counts on other characters? While I was playing Sunny and Torvald, I kept getting updates for Slim’s mastery. I’m now at two stars on that weapon when I wasn’t even running him.