Elite Character Request/Suggestion for the developers?


Ok so this has been floating around my mind now for like a month, but with the release of T4 now i think its even more needed, obvcourse this is just my opinion but i will give you a detailed view on what small changes
i think are needed and why, would love feedback aswell as i only play with a small group on xbox live and they like the idea but i know sometimes the masses can disagree… anyway lets get on with it :smile:

VAL ELITE CHANGE - Medgun capacity changed to Healing Rate +10%. Now I know val has had a buff and boy has that made a difference, but i don’t feel the small capacity increase really does anything and it seems like a real waste, where as i feel the healing rate once you get her elite would be really really useful in a fight and make elite val a very viable medic choice.

MAGGIE ELITE CHANGE - Daisys health +10% changed to her reviving speed +10%. This one i believe to be a no brainer as the extra helath on daisy does not really help at all i don’t feel, and again if she could revive that little bit faster in a fight when milliseconds count, i think this would be great.

MARKOV ELITE CHANGE - Lightning Gun Range+10% to Damage +10% to bring markov in line with the other assaults as i don’t feel he is longer a viable assault since the release of torvald and buffing of hyde, and parnells just a beast really so maybe the extra range could just be on the lightning gun by default?

HYDE ELITE CHANGE - Minigun Accuracy +10% for damage +10%, I think this one is a no brainer personally but i would like to know if anyone disagree’s with this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats just what i’ve been chatting to some friends about and thought i may aswell post it on the forums to see what people think and it would be great to hear developer feedback on these also.


I main Val, and I tend to find that the tier 3 capacity buff is useful for topping off a really low-health hunter. I think her heal rate is fine as it is.


the capacity does not help i have tested it in private matches with friends, it seriously lasts like an extra half second or something its not really usefull in a fight, faster healing would be, compared to caira vals healing power just isn’t the same, either that or her healing burst should recharge slightly faster i think


They’re testing a special heal burst that heals her more. Based on my math, 10% of 12 seconds is 1.2 seconds. While this seems small, it’s still pretty major considering how quick of a game Evolve is. What Val lacks in healing power she makes up for in diverse utility- I tend to think of her as almost a second support character, and after the buff I find her healgun to be pretty damn awesome. Healing rate +10% would be pretty ridiculous/op.


well, shes not meant to be a second support, shes meant to be a medic, and her healing power really lacks at times compared to caira, most people will tell you the same, after a game with caira i can get like 18000 points healed quite consistantly, with VAL i’m lucky if i hit 7500 and thats me using the medgun constantly and occasionally tranq the monster or snipe it but honestly shes supposed heal and although i like the buff, i think elite val should heal faster thats all, but your opinion is your own and i respect that.


I get that Caira is the very best for healing, but I dunno, I guess she’s not as fun for me. I find that a lot of people underestimate the power of an experienced val- being constantly tranq’d and weakpointed (taking reload helps with the sniper), as well as a team in moderately good health. Yeah, your teammates have to take care of themselves more, but I kinda see it as trading some damage and strikes for a lot of hurt on the monster. I find myself running out of medgun more than I’d expect, even at tier 3.


what about the other suggestions, assumingly you must agree as va was the only one you did not agree with?


I can see Markov’s being pretty good (I think an overall damage buff for him could be in order, but I’ve always thought his strength lies in his reliability- thus the range mastery), a Daisy revive speed boost would probably be tricky to code but still interesting, and I can see the minigun going either way.


Nooooooooo! Val’s capacity is such crap now. Heal rate is perfect.