Elite Behemoth


Just got my Behemoth to elite level ! I litterally am untouchable lately ! Are all the monsters this solid at elite !?


I’ve not elited mine yet I don’t think, pesky Lava Bombs!


he was my first elite monster skin


Well, it is a 10% increase to one aspect of each of your abilities.

Good job man! Behemoth was my first monster elite, and my second character elite, right behind Laz.


I don’t even own Bob. D:


Think my next will be gorgon !


Good luck man, her elite will take a while . I’m sure you can do it though :wink: .


Acid Spray and Spider Trap is all I have left ugh


Think my acid spray is at 5% my mimic is at 5% but the spider egg and the web snare are both at that 2% still


Goliath was my first, then Behemoth, then Wraith, then Kraken (the Vortex Blasts :scream:), and finally Gorgon. I haven’t yet Elited Meteor Goliath namely because he dosn’t have his own Elite skin but I will work on his and the Hunter Adaptations once I make Emet Elite (finishing his Replay Cannon’s all I got left to do).


You and me both, my friend.
Just such a pity that he’s largely useless beyond low-level play.


i disagree, he is still viable


Behemoth was my first Elite, period. He’s still my favorite monster, and I’m pretty good with him too. :smiley_cat:


My fist elite was wraith than kraken, goliath, behemoth, and finaly gorgon. Gotta love those elite skins! On a side note, i think parts of gorgons elite skin glow green when in low lighting.


I like behemoth hes great if you get domed you can just stall the action by separating yourself and the hunters with the wall, and also in the middle of a fight with hunters you can again seperate yourself from them with the rock wall and start pounding away at the power node, rarely lose with him now hes at elite


I got Goliath first because Goliath is my favorite, despite his setbacks. I got Kraken and Wraith shortly thereafter, did Behemoth pretty quick and then Gorgon took like, all saturday night and an extra 4 hours on Sunday…


They are solid as a rock


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