Elite Behemoth Pictures


All in his rocky, meaty glory. For your eyes only.

Tier 4 Elite Skin Screenshots
Our Gift to the Community - New Elite Skins!
If anyone has Behemoth's Elite Skin Please post a picture of it :)



A few people have him to elite already. I know MaddCow had him Elite’d a few hours ago.


Can I get some screenshots during an action scene or maybe have him do some poses for the camera. Can we get him to lie down like one of those French girls?


He’s too big for the camera. My only good picture was the first one of him doing Lava bomb xD


So no French girl pose I assume


how did you get all the tongue grabs so fast


Fissure + Tongue grab makes a great combo.


Yah i was trying that just wasn’t sure if there was a faster way or not, the delay sometimes makes it tricky. Looks great tho I like the elite skin pic a lot.


Damn dude good job It will be forever before I get this.


As soon as you fissue, push tongue grab and aim a few meters into the air. You will ALWAYS grab someone who gets hit with the fissure.


Okay cool so just count on it launching them straight up then? That seems right now that I think of it I haven’t seen it much hunters to the side


Fissure’s more of a knockup than a knockback. Once you learn how high the hunters are launched you can aim much easier.


Teach me sifu…how how did you do it???


Like pushing a snowball down a hill.


“Draw me like one of your Wraith girls…” - Behemoth
Hunters be like…
… ಠ_ಠ -wat

I can’t wait to get home and get my hands on this big guy…


I am soon Behemoth Elite. :slight_smile: Too bad he needs a buff…


He’s almost as white as me. :wink:

Keep it up, his elite doesn’t look bad at all.


He really doesn’t. His playstyle is just WAY different than the other 3 monsters. He actually kites behind walls and controls the battlefield.

I played Hunt for about 3-4 hours until @MaddCow told me defend is a great place to go. Finished up in about 1 1/2 hours.


Pretty much all of his moves will knockback/force a jetpack for a tongue grab. I like this Elite because it teaches you to combo your moves together because that is where Behemoth shines.

Also, I do like his Elite.