Eliminate the Dropship for Hunters


Im sure there will be cries of utter outrage, but seriously, with should you have the ability to be rezed over and over and over add nasuem… Yet, those of us who choose to brave it alone in the wilds of Shear get no such perk. Its 1 an done.


You start to make sense and falls off horribly that I can’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Can you edit your post?


I can’t tell if this is a troll or a real CoD player trying out Evolve.


Okay i think he means that hunters don’t need to revive every-time you kill them while the monster doesnt.At least i think he means something like the Hunter died twice.The dropship doesn’t need to bring him back.

What you don’t realize @Pineapplelucky is that everytime someone dies they get penalty.They will come back with 1 bar life shorter.Kill them twice and they come back with 2 bars lower.That means each hunter can die by 1 skill alone.

Also i see that your post is flagged which it should.So please speak better.They only told you to make more clear what you mean because your thread didn’t make much sense.


My thread made perfect since. Eliminate the drop ship, Hunters don’t need a infinite rez loop. I’m not going to cater to some mods who can act like as what’s yet expect me to bow down to them lol, what are you people, 12?? If you’re gonna be an ass, expect to be treated as such!


Oh, and on the subject of them loosing a “bar of life”, lol? The point is, they come back, kinda like roaches, the little bug that they say just WONT stay dead. This game had such promise, and now all you see and hear is, ‘The monster is so OP". I continue to shake my damn head, oh no! I said…damn, flag this post and any other for all I care, its not like I know any of you regardless. I DEFINITELY won’t be using the prepurchase for this title I put down the way the game is now,. Let’s see what can go I comes along with the older than dirt " you mad bro’, 'nerd rage", or some other lame attempt to be witty…lol, and failing.


Have you played against Lazarus as a medic? I take it as no, now that guy will pop some veins of yours.
You see, he has ability to bring back people from the dead! like without any penalty. That’s some wicked OP stuff right there.



hunters have like a ridiculous amount of ways to come back alive at the moment


I don’t agree, the dropship should stay.

Imagine being killed early in the game, have fun sitting there and watching until the match is over!
How about the other hunters? Losing even 1 hunter is a severe disadvantage. Imagine losing your trapper, you’re done because you won’t fight the monster unless he wants.

The dropship gives the hunters a chance if they lost someone, instead of the game being pretty much over after the first kill. It also gives the monster a reason to hurry up and kill the rest instead of kill 1 hunter in an encounter only to run, recharge all armor and go back in against the weaker team of hunters.

Yes this makes the game harder for monsters, but as proven by statistics it’s currently pretty well balanced.


yeah i dont think removing the dropship is the way to go. having it only come back a maximum of a few times might be good.


It would be too easy without the dropship. You would have to make the hunters much stronger if you wanted to get rid of the dropship. The game was designed around a dropship.


Hmm, I don’t think that is necessary either.

Not being able to respawn at some point is boring. Maybe your own fault, but nobody wants to sit and watch until the match is over.
Being alive but not able to do anything because you just lost your trapper for the rest of the match would be bad as well. The monster will take the time to feed and stage up before inevitably finishing the hunters because they can’t trap you.

I really can’t think of a situation where non-respawning hunters get a positive result. All it accomplishes is make the game easier for the monster, which definitely is not required at this moment.


not non respawning, just less respawning.


But my point was, at some point in the match you’ll be at a point where no more respawning happens. At that point the game will get really boring.

It’s also an indirect buff for monsters (or nerf for hunters depending how you look at it) which isn’t required at the moment.


it just seems weird that the monster can’t regenerate health at all but all of the hunters have plenty of ways to be bought back from dead, especially if the monster can’t eat them.

i take your point though, since it’s well made.