Elephant in the room (Stage 2: Emet Discussion)


Emet’s Distraction beacon is even more useless than it was before. Change it to what community demands. NOW!


You know what… I’ve seen it used more in the last 48 hours than I think I saw it used ever before Stage 2 came out.


Could you maybe elaborate? It seems good to me, personally.

Especially for circumventing that nasty +30 seconds on the timer when he evolves.


Waiting 20 seconds to gain 10 seconds is… inefficient, to say at least. Community wants that Beacon speeds up respawn time. That will be useful in every thinkable situation.


Oh. Come to think of it that is actually a lot better and more logical. I’d support that.

Perhaps make a sort of vote or petition thread so they know how many people want it?


Come on, Terepin. That’s not the way to approach it and you know it. :slight_smile:


The way it is suppose to be approached was already done. Didn’t work. So I’m trying different approach.


Well, I give you credit for tenacity.


I really never cared much about his beacon, because I always was a healing God.

If anything, I think his healing got a major nerf, and he feels useless now. I have a thread for his healing here:


Yeah, when I first used him I thought it still needed some love :heart:


He wouldn’t need any love if they didn’t touch him. He was perfect the way he was! #THEY TURNED ME INTO USELESS TWAT!


I agree. The one thing TRS shouldn’t have touched.


Which is even more ironic since he was UP since release. They fixed him and then broke him again in S2. Can someone explain to me the logic behind this?


I pull of a recall 2 times in the same battle with Gorgon and I have never pulled of a recall before stage 2, so it’s not useless.


They should do something about it. Right now its just a waste of space in his utility and should contribute more or compliment the rest of his gear.


I do feel sad that he’s weak right now, but I do have faith that they’ll fix him soon.


Do you have any Emet tips since you seem to main him?