Electrogriffin announced! More hype!
I’m imaging a lighting harpoon that does damage while the monster is hooked, perhaps electric damage on the smg too? What are your guys ideas?


Are there photos? I’ve got bad internet right now. I NEED GRIFFIN


Sadly no, it was only announced on the stream


Hey, I was in that stream too! And I too heard of Electro Griffin


You can find an image of him but you have to check your daily log-in extras.


Is that in game?


It’s highly probable to be the next variation.


I thought I heard Retro Griffin :joy:


Damn, that’d be so cool, but Griffin is retro enough with his harpoon and clothing :joy:

The next four adaptations discussion thread

Jurassic Park style?


Very bad preview but check the bottom right corner


Wow, it’s gorgeous looking! Looks like a super-hero now.


Day 25?! Nah!


All you have to do is sign in, that isn’t hard to do.


I mean that’s like 3 weeks! I don’t play every day


You could just launch the game, wait a few seconds depending on your connection speed, then close it.


Wait Robocop confimred for Evolve ? O.O


We just found our first nickname from the Stage 2 update here !!!
Robocop Grif X-D



He looks like he should be saying things like “360 no-scope 420 MLG swagger!”