Electro Shock Update 2.02 Discussion

I am experiencing longer wait time while in lobby

They don’t do damage.

Personally I hate the new jack repulsor vfx. I liked the old one far better. I think an option to choose between the new one and the old one in game would be really cool.

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To be honest it feels like the devs say that Markov will get a range buff every patch… :smile:

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Disappointed with the Jack repulsor change. It’s a waste of an animation. And a cool one at that. Red is a better way of knowing if you’re not blocking than gray. Gray blends too much with the ground and it’s an ugly color.

The 3 bars makes it seem like new players are too stupid to learn how jack works. It’s too easy and simplistic, for one, and two, it looks so much worse than the old repulsor.

Give new players some credit. I suggest that each Hunter get a playable tutorial (I know it’s not easy, but it would help new players more than making the game look worse) and save this repulsor change for that. Cuz as soon as people figure out how to use it, they’re just getting a bad animation for nothing.

No offense to the design team, but I hate this change. It doesn’t look good.


Sorry if it’s a bit off topic, but I couldn’t see anywhere else to ask this question:

Currently, the maximum Capacity perk value you can achieve is 40%; 15% silver tier and a further 25% gold tier.

With Caira, 40% of her four grenades is another “1.6” grenades.

So, the question I have is pretty simple- if I max out those two perks, will the 1.6 round up to 2 extra grenades so as to give 6 grenades in a clip?

I know that for a long time in Legacy my go to Caira perk was Capacity because it granted six grenades; but then it was nerfed to about 40% and it was only 5 from then.

Has this been changed in Stage 2 Evolve? If a dev could answer I’d be very grateful. I hope you don’t mind if I tag a couple of you who I figure would know like @Insane_521 and @LordDeath.

Thanks in advance.

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Okay, weird stuff just happened.

So I got a glance about yet another update so I come over slowly to evolve, boot up steam and to my surprise there was no actual “updating” that steam usually does, so evolve booted up instantly.

Few things I’ve noticed during that, same old goliath splash screen (which reminds me, why can’t we pick which character pops up? I remember that being a thing with your last used character on Evolve) but with the little window on the top notifying me of Electro Griffin and patch notes and all that, also took a look at it and I got curious about E.Griffin so I go for the shop yet he’s nowhere to be found and I started getting confused since I thought I needed to unlock something first.

So I just put that aside and went for hunt, and despite trying over 20 times, probably close to 10 minutes of exiting and entering, there was noone to be found, I assumed it was either somewhat broken or something else.
I thought I should give it more time so instead I went for a practice match with my boy Cabot who seemingly people really dislike. (and seemingly not altered in any way after the patch?)

All fine and dandy M.Goliath down and stuff, and here’s the thing that struck me as completely odd, upon finishing that match, my Cabot levels up to that fancy one stripe all black badge, but my profile or whatever you deem it instantly went from 27 to 44. I mean woah.

And upon restarting the game steam finally started updating the game and now everything is as it should be.
Sorry for the big wall of text but did anyone go through anything like this? I was essentially playing alone on Evolve Stage 2 Pre-patch. Not that I tried nor had any interest but do you think I could’ve exploited plenty more levels?

EDIT: Also, I could be missing something really obvious so, if so, point it out please!

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If it’s been a while since you played, then it’s expected, there was a back-end progression patch recently, which is the reason for your levels to jump

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Oh, that explains that then, many thanks for the quick answer!

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After the update came live, my frames dropped by half, and this is from minimal settings. dont think i can play the game anymore now. not good optimization.

In programming, all numbers are rounded down by definition. You could have 5.99 magazine capacity and it would still work as 5 grenades.

Aww. That’s a pity. Ah well.

Thanks for the response!

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@Mt_Everett you can round however you want when writing code. There are plenty of math libraries out there, or you can write your own rounding function.

Taking both the maxed out silver and gold perks will not give you a 6th grenade. The best you can get is the fifth one.

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And after 12 years in school i learned that rounding 0.5 up is statistically not a good idea and many algorithms use a different approach :slight_smile:

Recently I learned that the default midpoint rounding in the C# math library is toward even. For example, 2.5 rounds to 2, not 3. 1.5 also rounds to 2. I was a bit surprised by this.

Yes, this one is statistically correct, because everything gets round up/down equally. It did befuddle me in my NX Drawings at first because i never heard of it and thought “wtf this program doesn´t work!!” google ohhhhhh… xD

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