Eldrich Kraken Skin Proposal


The Kraken is inspired greatly by the works of H.P Lovecraft the man who made the Cthulhu mythos.



With the great Cthulhu mythos that for anyone that does not know is a connect universe of various short stories that H.P Lovecraft wrote that take place in the town of Arkham Massachusetts. In this world there were cults and lots of connecting symbols even an entirely new language that the “Old Gods” used.

the closest we get to looking like Cthulhu more by the Kraken is the Bog Skin

I propose a Kraken Skin that puts Lovecrafian Runes/ Old Gods all over the Kraken and make him look more Eldrich and spooky.

(Note before people come in with saying about copy written material almost all of H.P Lovecraft stories even Cthulhu are recently becoming a part of the Public Domain so it is possible to do this and not get sued.

What do you all think of this?


Kraken is scary as is. I mean, have you seen that mouth? >.>

Sounds like a nice idea for a skin.


You have no idea the scary levels they could of made Kraken. This little guy here is the Dunwitch Horror another story by Lovecraft they could of made the creep level high xD.


They said multiple times that they wanted each Monster to be relatable. If it looked too scary or outlandish the player loses touch with it. You can see the human influence in Goliath, Kraken, Wraith and even Behemoth


That is why they made Kraken look more like Cthulhu because they wanted the sea monster vibe but at the same time still humanoid in appearance because if you really wanted to scare the shit out of people there are plenty of designs and monsters in H.P Lovecraft library that are really really really really really scary. I still want a crab people monster though.