Elder kraken


Hi guys, I’m not the only person that’s going to say this but iv gotta get my own answer. The community on xbox is strong as I’m sure it is on ps4 and pc, but my god when are you going to patch elder kraken? You seem to take your time with all these fixes and patchs! I know title update 9 is your main concern but let’s get real for a second the game is dead and we are hanging on by a thread. You seriously need to make up for your own mistakes. You took to long with the season pass, you listned to all the low skilled players and just turned the game upside down and now it’s dead. Is elder going to be patched before the release of update 9 that’s my question



Elder Kraken is being fixed in the upcoming title update.

The devs are more than aware of him being over powered and have adjustments ready and waiting.

There are a few other topics about EK if you’d like to continue the discussion. :elderkraken: