Elder Kraken - Unleashed NOW!


How is there not a post for this already?

(Leader/Mod note: There is no confirmation, despite previous speculation by the community, that TU9 is coming with Elder Kraken, only expect Elder Kraken to be unlocked on the 23rd, anything else is entirely fabricated at this stage!)

Either way I saw the adaptation in a screen shot.

Elder Kraken Ability Breakdown
Elder Kraken Testing Video (No Masteries)
Why the 23rd? :(
Oh boy, I just played Elder Kraken and have big news!
Some identification please
Just had the honor to play the new kraken in quick play
What the eff is elder kraken?
Are we going to have to pay for Elder Kraken? He seems to be locked. :( (No, you won't. He's locked for a limited time,)
Patch 8.0 Discussion (Updated With Patch Notes)
Patch 8.0 Discussion (Updated With Patch Notes)
Hey there!
Elder Kraken's Ability Icons
Patch 8.0 Discussion (Updated With Patch Notes)
Screenshots of Elder Kraken

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Think it was supposed to be a surprise. Either way…

…for Hyde and Laz to follow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s the name huh? hmmmmm


Saw it too soooo excited



I need more.
Feed me.





We don’t know anything about this atm. It looks cool though.


So where is the picture? Pretty please? :smile_cat:



its gone the thread was deleted


what? where is the pic? what does it look like?


Don’t do it, my thread was deleted for doing it I suggest you dont do it either.


I guess I wasn’t supposed to say anything? Its on the PlayStation community if any of you are apart of that.




I cant link to that. Its on your PS4, if you have one.


no, no I don’t have one


Rude. Reported.


What? I said I feel bad for the people who didn’t see it. I guess my point didn’t come across well :sweat:


Well there is always the PM system…