Elder Kraken Too weak now?


I’ve been playing E. Kraken since evolve stage 2 came out and always loved playing as E. Kraken, But with release of quantum Caira (Who utterly stomps on him) and buffs to hunters while E. Kraken was always sorta iffy just puts him at trash. I haven’t won any games with him since the changes and before my win rate was 71%, now its 58%. With how his play style is all about bursting 1 hunter or controlling or doing a ton of aoe to their whole team It is very hard against hunters since your traversal is so slow now along with the low armor and health. Normal Kraken can stay in the air to avoid damage while putting it out. Gorgon can swing around, Create a clone to tank for a small window of time or take a hunter out of the fight for a bit. Goliath and meteor Goliath can easily knock around the hunters and jump like no tomorrow. Wraith is the sneaky snook so I don’t need to explain that. I hate to see my favorite monster go to trash when he wasn’t that good already. TLDR: E. Kraken is too weak now and all other monsters have a way to stay alive and E. Kraken’s has been diminished because of hunter buffs and Q. Caira.
Thank you for taking the time to read my small rant. GL and HF in your games!


1\3 with EK after latest patch. He weak now… Better than wraith, but still…

  1. If you had a 71% winratio he wasnt completely balanced.
  2. He was IMO the strongest monster.(there was a poll about which monster is the strongest and most people said it was EK)
  3. Quira got AOE HOT why do you have a real Problem with her? You got burst damage vs. a HOT healer. Thats like a counterpick.


Its the double HOT and the defense for like .5 second to negate my burst. That’s why.


But .5 seconds isnt a lot if you have 3 burst abilities


it is when its enough to block 2/3: Missle->lightning strike to make them both hit at once


Which perks are you using?


Hunger, Mutated senses and ferocious bloodlust.


Maybe just dont use that combo if you are playing vs quira as long as she got the DR ready


Its not just her though the buff to players without a 4 party is so much extra hp a full combo doesn’t kill anymore. They shouldn’t be discouraging team work by buffing hunters so much they dont need it. (with the solo buffs)


Or try our the other monsters. You said that all of the others got an advantage (kraken flying etc.)


I like playing the one nobody plays that’s my style I would never abandon something because it fell off or is weak.


Well, I always agreed with that but I think its fine the way they did it. The buff is mainly to stop pubstomping and make it possible for solo players to beat a decent monster player.


They tipped it a little too far I think, I haven’t won as monster or lost as hunter in about 15 games straight. That obviously is just me but its kinda odd.


If thats the way you wanna play (which is fine) you will have an easier or harder time with your monster after different patches.


I haven’t gotten a chance to play as him, but my last encounter with him that he almost wiped out me and the rest of the team


He is still stronger than normal Kraken against experienced team. Seasoned players knows how to easily counter Kraken’s range abilities, and even with ‘shitty’ long range assault, they still can work out to bring down Kraken’s armor, without having any team mates down.
With Elder Kraken countering much harder, since it all about close and personal. Still possible of course, when particular hunter knows when he should kite monster, and providing Trapper doing his job right. But against inexperienced team its still as easy win as with normal Kraken.


I find I need to run full DR on elder kraken to stay in the fight long enough to get a down or two.


That’s one way to do it. Though if hunter properly kite you, you won’t be able to pull it out without slowing down perks. Its will just take longer time for them to bring you down.


The problem with him is that they delayed his combos.

You can’t instantly combo Death spiral into Banshee missile into Thunder strike instantly like you could before with animation canceling. there’s a slight delay.

This makes him feel clunky and not satisfying to use, opposite of say, goliath, who can combo very well and it is oh so satisfying to play as.