Elder Kraken, the Progenitor


As the lovely devs have informed us, the adaptations are not canon. Despite this, in the universe where Elder Kraken exists it is referred to in the video description as the ‘progenitor’. Did this creature exist as the original monster that spawned the others in it personal headcanon?


Progenitor is another word for ancestor; elder; elder kraken. :smiley:


Well just because it’s old, it doesn’t necessarily mean first of its kind. It can also mean ‘main ancestor’


Who knows, oh wait.



Well it casts stuff and it looks like a king.

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I’d recommend DuckDuckGo, or Bing.

Also, El Karken! :elderkraken:


As you already said, it’s non-canonical. There is no story behind it and whether or not it “spawned” other monsters.


It’s still fun to speculate. Just because the moon was not home to bug eyed aliens doesn’t mean HG Wells books weren’t fun.


That’s what the government wants you to think.



There are no aliens on the moon, it is a giant parasole for the nacho god.


Ok, but this isn’t speculation. This is an Off-Topic thread in which you’re making up a backstory for Elder Kraken. You aren’t making guesses on the Elder Kraken’s backstory because it doesn’t have one. I would change the title or the OP to make that a little more clear. That said, I’m all for making up stories for fun, though. Carry on.


I’m pretty sure that by canon they mean canonical to what is happening at the time of the invasion. I think the adaptations are the past versions of each character but put into the situation happening now and therefore non canonical.


Canon refers to being present in the game’s lore, not just a specific time period during which the story takes place.

Right now, adaptions are not anywhere in the universe, other than being playable characters. They register the same as the originals and the lore does not distinguish one from another. As far as characters are concerned, the adaptions do not exist.

This is not to say that they won’t be added to game lore or be made canonical in the future, but as of right now, they are not.


I’ve been calling Elder Kraken “Mama Kraken” in my head.
Kraken called his mama cause all the mean people on the forums hate him and Mama don’t take well to bullies.



In the description on the EK trailer it mentioned that he was on Shear before and has returned. If this is true then it makes it canonical.


It is an old one, an elder being. It has seen the stars birthed from the cold void and will watch as they fade and die. Time is meaningless to it, for a moment and an eternity are equally minute to the scale of its being. Our pathetic scramblings are but a speck, a minutia to its being. Tremble, for the void walks among us. And its hunger knows no bounds.


Well until Hyde shows up. Then it’s burned face and end of life cycle.


Thank you my lady.


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