Elder Kraken Testing Video (No Masteries)


Even with masteries, EK looks subpar compared to Kraken. We’ll see later.


1.) No snowballs
2.) Melee-focused
3.) Flight is hindered more in a few ways, one of which being that traversal forward doesn’t get you above the ground much higher than about 5 meters
4.) Looks sweet as ****
5.) 1 more health bar and 2 more bars of armor
6.) Vortex AOE DOT looks bad, unless a hunter is pounced inside of it.
7.) Aftershock chain damage increases after consecutive chains with a chaining range of about 12m.
8.) Can’t move LS after queued up with comparable AOE to original LS. Perhaps larger AOE with masteries.
9.) By far the best ability seems like the new banshee ability. You only get one, even with 3 in that ability.
10.) CDs seem to be faster. However, the AI might’ve taken CDR.

The video is 1080p@60, but may not be fully processed yet.


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