Elder Kraken Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


Look to learn some tips and hopefully give some as well.

  • Death Sprial on its own is pretty bland but getting a quick pounce on a hunter while they’re in it is very devastating.
  • Chain Lightning doesn’t go above the Kraken’s waist, use it in the air to have a better chance of landing them so the hunters won’t go above you.
  • Holding the ability button for Ligtning Strike will show a reticle of where the ability will be casted, just like Goliath can hold some of his abilites.
  • Doing this however will drop ElderK faster to the ground and he cannot fly back when until the ability finishes casting.

Elder Kraken - Unleashed NOW!
Stage 2: Elder Kraken Strategy, Tips and Advice

Would you mind if I change your title and pin it to be the official Elder Kraken tips thread?

  • You can use meele whil using Lightning strike ( place it behind the hunter and juggle him inside the radius with meeles)
  • Its nice to get Hunters back to Death Spiral with your meeles
  • Chain Lightning deals more dmg with every target hit, so its nice when there is some wildlife near hunters

Great combo : Banshee, Vortex, Heavy, Pounce, Vortex


From my (limited) experience with him he feels like a brawler that’s built around CC, like a Behemoth/Goliath hybrid. You need to be predicting where the hunters are going and then fire at that location (death spiral, lightning strike, banshee missile).

EDIT: Oh yeah, and make sure your using your melee and pounce attacks.



I don’t know whether or not i should be happy or ashamed bu the fact the first time I ran into elder kraken solo play it taught me how to play it. Then again the bot monsters are extremely aggressive and I learned that he can just like the other OG kraken combo abilites XD. If he is able to be in a hunters face he can pretty much chain all 4 abilites depending on how the hunter reacts.


#Go ahead.


He feels insanely slow. Even with movement speed hunters can just bounce around me like I’m standing still.


Well the plan is if you get close you may pounce jump someone and if not pounce jump any way. :joy:


I’ve found a good combo is to use Banshee Missle on a hunter near you. It usually does good to great damage, you can then follow that up with a Death Spiral to finish them off.

Death Spiral is also useful to get Laz off of those relieves :smile:

Though I must say these have only worked in pub matches, so don’t know how good they actually are.


On second thought it may of just been that they had crow both times.


I didn’t know you could melee while LS was charging up. I hope that stays. Anyways BM is really strong. I hit a Hunter, and it removed like half his health (Difficulty was set to Favors Monster). Imagine Banshee Missile elite on Favors Monster!


I know it seems obvious but once in combat always try to be attacking the hunters. He has 3 long range attacks good for chasing down or blocking the path of hunters. Try to keep as close to a hunter as possiable to take them down (with the exception of Lennox and Parnell). Chain lightning is great for getting a hunter off a body quickly and also finishing off weak hunters. Play him just like a flying Bob.


He have alot of tumble tho


Elder Kraken is all about combining his moves. Use lightning strike then the spiral then pounce them. Believe me pouncing is Key to getting the extra damage in from his abilities. He’s great for camping bodies and try to not be in the air, unlike the OG Kraken he is useless in the air unless you want to do a nice dive-bomb aftershock. In arena mode elder Kaken execlls more than any monster. At the start zoom to the hunters and get a aftershock in. Then pick your target and combo your abilities. They should be done after this. If laz is not on the team then run and wait for your abilities to recharge then do it again.

  • Use your melees to tumble hunters for your combos (he plays like a bruiser Wraith)

  • His prime combo is Missile, Spiral, Pounce This will chunk them for around 70% of their HP even at lvl 1 if you have 2/1 split (2 missile and 1 spiral).

  • Lightning strike should be used 1) When they have zero jetpack fuel 2) In combo with Missile (The missile will tumble them long enough if you time it right) 3) If you’re on top of a hunter (you can keep them from moving with your AAs

  • The key is to know when to engage and when not to engage. Elder Kraken is extremely burst oriented (you’ll likely blow your entire combo in 1-3 seconds). Once your combo is down you should pull away and wait for your CDs to come back up. Sitting in a fight with just your AAs will lead to a bad time.

  • I personally like 2Missile/1Death stage 1, 2Missile/2Death/2Lighting Stage 2, 2Missile/2Death/2 Lightning/3Shock stage 3. I personally don’t like the shock spell as it’s too hard to use against good hunters early in the game. Giving it 3 points though makes it a major threat at stage 3 if you use it properly (use your combo, and back off to try and get a double bounce onto the hunter for huge damage).


i just played a singelplayer match to test him.
mode was nest, no fav. dmg, ship time 15 secs, hunters were emet, tech hank, abe and lennox and they had a support drone with shield. i didnt lvl aftershock and tried the thunderstrike, banshee-missle and the vortex-beam and i won.
i was lvl 2 and the medic came back after 15 secs, i striked down the supporter and the trapper and the assault got beat down at last. before the next 15 secs were reached i punished down the medic again.
at begin elder kraken seemed to be weak (of course weak because every monster seems weak compared with our good old fashion unbeatable vintage kraken which is the most powerful thing in the whole game) because i lost much energy very quick (well ok i was pretty surprised i couldnt shoot some kind of bolts while i fly) but later i could dmg them down and with 2 or three bars of health left i still won. im surprised does elder kraken really not have long range attack while fly?

well ok it was a bot-match but it should be the last round for today and i didnt want to wait in multiplayer so i started a singleplayer round.
maybe im not that good as monster but i got enough experience to know the weakness for hunters and i gave them 15 secs revival and a support drone + tech hank.
and no a minion didnt help me.
all in all maybe he is the kraken i always want to fight with or against because he makes fun.
thanks vintage kraken to never have fun doesnt matter if i win. ^^


I’ve played monstly pubs, one mid-silver (guessing) premade.

He’s super fun. I love him. He feels so vicious and calculating.

Right now I’m running 2 LS 3 BM 1 DS at S2. Haven’t figured out 3 yet.


The only thing I’m unsure of about EK is his Chain Lightning. Lvling it up “Increases Radius and Range”. Which part is the radius? Which is the range?

  • Be sure to lead hunters with the ranged abilities. Can’t move lightning strike while channeling and banshee missiles don’t hone-in like OG Kraken. Try to figure out where they are running to and throw a lightning strike, banshee missile, or vortex in front of them.

  • while retreating, look for an open straightaway then fly backwards and continue to lead chasing hunters with ranged abilities. they usually run in a straight line directly behind you. Just be sure not to back into a wall (he could benefit from a rearview mirror). if they have to dodge your abilities they use precious jet-pack fuel dodging left and right and you can create more distance between you and them.

  • Remember that vortex goes through walls and obstructions so you can still damage hunters hiding behind cover forcing them out into a missile or lightning strike. Use it on Cabot and Lennox to give them a taste of their own medicine (Lennox can plasma lance through objects).