Elder Kraken Skins



In Evolve Stage 2, I was told by fellow players that if I bought a skin for Kraken in the store, that the skin would work on Elder Kraken. Sadly, I found out the hard way that this does not work. I was wondering if there would be an update down the road that fixed this, allowing Kraken skins to work for Elder Kraken.


no,each monster has its own skins,so does their adaptions


To further elaborate off of what @BURRITODVIL said; adaptations and their original Monsters do not share the same model nor anything related to textures. They require different skins and files to work so any Kraken skins will not work for Elder Kraken; same goes for Goliath and Meteor Goliath.

They won’t change this because they can’t and it seems your friend just screwed you over so… sorry about that :confused:


Thanks for letting me know, wish I knew before I spent 6000 keys lol