Elder Kraken shows up in the in-game store


Platform: PC
While searching through the monster section of the in-game store, I came across a slot that shows Elder Kraken available for purchase at the price of $0.01. Selecting it does nothing other than play the sound that normally plays when you select a menu option. Restarting the game and connecting to the multiplayer servers do not change, or correct this.
(Elder Kraken also shows up in the same manner under the “All” section of the store.)

Just thought I should say something as I couldn’t find this bug reported anywhere else. :slightly_smiling:


That is weird. Does meteor goliath come up like that too? Can’t see why this would happen. :confused:


Strange that it has a description and everything.


No, just Elder Kraken. I looked around but nothing else seems out of place.


I’m sure it has something to do with getting EK in the game ya? Not a problem for the devs either way


Weird. :tara_knows:

What’s the full description btw?


It says,
“From the depths of time it returns, with knowledge and abilities far beyond normal ken. Less refined, more savage, Elder Kraken devastates with a stronger emphasis on melee and ground-based combat. His abilities include Lightning Strike, Banshee Missile, Chain Lightning, and Death Spiral.”

I think “ken” is a typo and that it’s supposed to say Kraken, but that what’s written.


I don’t think ‘ken’ was a typo.

Still, if Elder Kraken has a full description then that’s even more confusing as to why it is there in the store. :smile:


Oh wow, well now I have a cool new word in my vocabulary! :grin:
And yeah, I’ve been wondering why it’s there myself. Just seems strange to have written out a store description for something that was never intended to be in the store.


Id be willing to bet its because from “their end” elder kraken is basically considered DLC content and what youre seeing is just “place holders”. I bet MG and all the other adaptations got the same treatment and are just hidden.


That was my thought too, but someone would have noticed before with the others if that were the case. :confused:


Unless they were properly hidden :slightly_smiling:


Sorry. Missed the end of your post. My excuse is I’m tired. :laughing:


Huh, he’s not supposed to be the store like that. I have sent some emails!


Should be fixed now!


TRS gods are here to help!




umm,why does he have this description if its not supposed to be in the store?


Should be fixed now!

yup, i think should be closed.


Speculation GOOOOOOOO


Looks like this is fixed, so I’m closing this.