Elder kraken OP let's see


Okay, stop whining and start fighting

wrong not op enough


@chrono , do you have a poll that’s up for EK saying if he’s OP, UP or Bal?


Do you mean he is more OP then i showed


I a assuming you are being less than serious here, what showing a stage 3 against 2 strike hunters and claiming it is anything other than lethal for the hunters and all.


No but he can’t be balanced he is too strong


Before the update he was balanced but now the strongest and opest


The devs have openly stated before that he was pushed too far. He got buffs he wasn’t intended to get. he has changes coming in the patch this month.


I didn’t want to show this i wanted to show the ability combs etc.


And i don’t want to show a full gameplay cause it would be Borring


No, he was not balanced before


It’s not even speculation at this point, right now he is insanely OP. EK will be re-balanced soon.


I didn’t use him long after the micropatch but I could alread y feel the op




81% of voters believe Elder is OP, and 55% believe he is the most OP.


Elder Kraken is the only S tier, the strongest tier, character.


The reason is nobody couldn’t controll him and everybody said: HE IS UP
UHHHHHH BUFF HIM TILL HE IS THE BEST! but for me he was perfekt
Am 03.07.2016 00:32 schrieb “Pollster and Meta Man” <


Yeah, I’d agree he was underrated before, but I’m gonna just have to blame the devs. He needed buffing, but I could even tell from the patch notes that EK would be too strong.


I believe this is just an opinion so I was going to see if @chrono could give us his stats on what the majority of people had voted for

EDIT: Sorry didn’t see the other post :stuck_out_tongue:


His damage is the same but it’s the radius what’s making him so strong you
can’t dontche an ability it’s too fast


And in the video the combo of death is like behemoth tounge and lavabomb
and rock wall


If it get lowered people are going to start complaining because it’s to hard to hit them and that’s why it got amped in the first place