Elder kraken new buff is a little to much


I’m sorry that elder krakens buff is op i swear down iv fought it with a silver expert team 8 times already, you cannot out heal it. I’m sorry you need to do something. people are racking up wins. I’m sure elder kraken players are gonna call me out but its true.


I am not sure what this thread is for…


neither do i man, i guess I’m trying to just tell somebody elder kraken has been over buffed


Elder Kraken discussion perhaps? Not sure if there isn’t already a thread about it? Otherwise it might be better to change the title I guess.


well then lets keep this is a neat pile over on one of the discussions about the Macro patch thread please

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sorry i don’t live on forums man, I’m new to them. i cant stress tho this micro patch for that monster is ridiculous.


There is this topic that is still going. You can continue this discussion over there if you want. :slight_smile:


your fine man

personally I haven’t played the macro patch but I am kinda excited too


there we go