Elder Kraken needs a buff


I’ve been playing Elder Kraken for some time and I finally have to speak out. No joke, as Elder Kraken I landed 95% of my abilities on the same target throughout entire rounds and it wasn’t enough damage to incap them (ok, well maybe it was enough to get a few incaps out of 20 rounds), and I did that at least 20 rounds in a row. I landed so many skillshots so consistently while even lagging that even my opponents had to say that I was pretty good and sympathize with me after I lost rounds. He’s not just out of the meta, he’s non-existent and he simply doesn’t do enough damage for how long his cooldowns are and how long it takes his abilities to travel, he needs like a 15% damage buff. Until this gets fixed, I’m going back to other games: League of Legends, Overwatch, Left4Dead2.

Btw is Evolve Stage 2 no longer being developed or just Evolve 1?


TRS is no longer developing Evolve.

Read about it here:

Also look at this and sign please:


Yeah some random site with an unfinished petition isn’t a sign of anything. Nathan Fillion got millions of dollars from a petition to buy the rights to produce the next season of Firefly which is wildly more popular than this game, but he didn’t do anything with it and rejected the money and idea ultimately.


Well it’s not a random site. Change.org is a big company devoted to doing just this thing worldwide.

And yes, not all petitions work but sometimes they do. This a list of petitions that actually did make a change, from just this site alone. https://www.change.org/victories

PS: All petitions are unfinished. It only stops when you stop collecting signatures. It’s goal rises every time we reach a milestone on the site and is sent to 2K regularly.


No see 7500 users is nothing and it struggles just to get that number. I can tell you it’s never going to reach a million. There’s like 1,500,000 users on Steam alone at any given instantaneous microscopic moment, that’s the number of users Evolve-1/2 should have after this much time if it was as great as it was made out to be. And only a small fraction of those users are dedicated to Evolve (as seen by how frequently the same players show up in queue again and again and again, whereas you always get different players in League of Legends, even in diamond elo).
They had a chance to make Evolve Stage 2 big and evolve it into stage 3, but they wasted too much time without feeding off of the player community and didn’t focus the right development strategies. What they need if they want any chance is money, and generally companies that ask for money on places like change.org or kickstarter or indiegogo don’t actually need to money because they’re already ahead.
I had high hopes for this game, i’m disappointed at how it’s turned out after this much time. It’s probably related to the inefficiency of their programming, that it takes so much work just to change one thing because they focused on looks and realism over flow.


The point is that its a plea to 2K. Every single signature is one closer to them realizing it. Everyone helps. It won’t ever hit any truly high numbers if everybody that looks at says “only this many people signed, won’t work.”

If everyone who did that actually signed it would be much bigger.


But if a majority of players are so ambivalent about the game that they won’t even lift a finger to support the game and they’ll just let it die, that’s a sign something’s inherently wrong with the game and a lot of people are pissed off somehow, at least compared to alternative games.


That’s not necessarily true. Look at ghost robo on youtube. He loves the game and wants it to continue support but for some reason refuses to sign the thing.

There have been loads of people I have seen that say it won’t work or give some other reason when they also say they love the game. It makes no sense to me.


Again, if people love the game but they still won’t support it, that’s a sign the game is really screwed up. If someone was going to cancel your favorite TV show that you thought was one of the best shows in the world and all you had to do was spend 5 seconds on a website, you’d probably go support it. But if you found out that the cast of that show were all Nazi supremacists, you’d probably say “ok, well, I’m not supporting Nazis, I’m gunna watch something else” and just let the show die.
Like, it takes something really catastrophically horrible to make a die-hard fan renounce something they love, so that’s not a good sign.


Again that’s not necessarily true. That’s your opinion.

I know many people refusing to sign, some are even here on the forums, that don’t think anything is wrong really, they just believe its a waste so they don’t do it.

Ghostrobo hasn’t ever said a bad word about evolve or its amazing devs so I doubt that’s why he won’t sign it.

The only person you can ever speak for is yourself, which leaves me wondering why you’re even here? You’re the one comparing the devs to nazis.


It’s not really an opinion it’s more just common sense and human nature, and saying otherwise flies in the face of the basis for science and empirical observation. People are not altruistic on the internet, they want to see something they get in return and fast. Think of business on the internet as a fast-food restaurant; that’s what people generally expect of it.


I think you are confusing common sense with your own personal beliefs.


Nope because if I was wrong there would never be a failed kickstarter project.


That literally makes zero sense. If people don’t want what they are kick starting, then it fails, if the demand is high then it succeeds.

Furthermore signing a petition vs funding a kick starter is completely different.


It makes complete sense because kick-starter projects are about donating to other people’s projects, people have to use their own time and money to contribute to a project at the risk of not even getting anything in return ever. That’s almost charity.
Furthermore, you’re presumption is still wrong because someone could make the best game in the world but if no one knows about it, it won’t get funded and no one will help advertise, and that’s not even counting the instances where funding projects are successful and the developers blow all their money on parties and hookers.
But, we know Evolve isn’t the best game in the world because tons of people know about it but STILL have chosen to stop playing it and refuse to support it anymore, and that’s why it was a good financial decisions to stop funding its development.

Which brings me to my next point: if Evolve REALLY is going to have a chance, it needs money and/or people; people who can program and design really well who will spend thousands of hours working in their free time for free until it takes off, like how This War of Mine or Fez started (though those games are much smaller).
And I think I made the suggestion before that their intense graphic requirements shut out a majority of users, especially from other countries where the standards of living are slightly or vastly lower than that of in the highly developed English countries, and that if their graphics weren’t so lavish and inefficient they’d have tons more support just from sheer player volume.


signing a petition and kick starting something have nothing to do with each other.

If you like the game then go sign the petition and tell others about it as well. I have to assume you like the game or I wouldn’t be talking to you on the forums.

If you don’t care about the game enough to sign the damn thing, and you already stated the devs were wrong, then again I ask, why the hell are you even here?

And no, your logic is completely flawed and very confusing.


Lol it’s cute that you seem mad and confused when I’m talking about basic constructive arguments that aren’t even directed at you. If you’re confused, I suggest you start projects and businesses yourself so you can see just how they fail. There’s plenty of people out there who can testify.



Alright folks, This thread isn’t going anywhere constructive. Closing for now.