Elder Kraken Menu Freeze


So I started up a Defend match on New Calico as the Elder Kraken and found that the game would freeze for several seconds when selecting an ability to add points to, this would also happen when selecting skins for the bots. Anyone have this issue? Gameplay is unaffected, menus just lag.


I got a dashboarded when trying to connect to multiplayer after playing EK in solo. I even reset evolve multiple times and it kept happening. I’ve never seen this before; it would just dashboard shortly after pressing multiplayer and the loading circle would spin half way and then freeze.
This may just be a bug in general, but it might have to do with EK being in the backround because I’ve never got this before. That’s all I’ve really got.
The way I fixed it was hard resetting my Xbox so it may have been on my side. No idea :confused: