Elder Kraken is too slow for Hunt 2.0


Just played two EK and they both couldn’t get away from a regular comp…

So. Elder kraken
EK too slow versus premades!

That’s quite the sample size you got there.


Don’t become a scientist, please.


Eh… What? Please elaborate. Thanks.


Well, he’s elder. So he’s slow.


Come back with at least 30 different examples picked randomly from a larger set of games.


I’m… Still not following? Was that sarcasm? Or… Were you telling me to do something? Still don’t have a clue as to what this thread is, nor what you’re saying.


He only has two examples and your avatars are very similar.


Oh, yeah. Also, he didn’t specify what a “regular team” is. Like, legit, what does that even mean? A pub group? A premade? Or does it have to deal with team comp? I don’t know.


My guess is a team comp with no mobility boosts, so no Sunny, Caira, etc.


He said “regular comp”. I assume he means what he said.


Please explain to me what a regular comp is, because I clearly don’t know what’s happening.


Not a chase comp.


Okay then.


Your confusion seemed to be about comp vs team, not which comp vs which comp. So I replied on that basis. I do not know what he means by regular either.


You know that it’s entirely possible for good hunter teams to keep up with just about any monster without any elements of the chase comp on their team, right?

I’ll also mirror the people saying that two games is nowhere near enough to get any kind of concrete data on the subject. When someone tells you that “your sample size isn’t big enough” they’re telling you that you’ve not played nearly enough games to come to your conclusion.

Play more games against a number of different teams, not comps, and then you’ll be in a better spot to make these judgements.


This is just a first impressions thread…


Most people know that Kraken is the slowest monster, his main ability is flying over the terrain. EK has a lot harder time flying then Kraken and has taken the title of slowest monster. EK doesn’t have the tools to help him disengage that kraken has. Lighting strike, banshee mines, and vortex. I think a lot of EK players will find it hard to disengage from the hunters and feed. I can only imagine if its a Hunter team with a Sunny and a griffin or WLM.


Elder Kraken is a pretty easy prey on hunt, as he is somewhat bad in avoiding damage, early fights are very bad for him.

If you manage it to survive without much health loss he is okay in later stages but on first stage he is very weak, not much mobile (means easy caught) and its a lot difficult to not get shred in the early fights. Imo he has a bit to less armor/health for his low mobility but being a brawler type.


Getting away against a chase comp will anyway be extremely tought with EK(i didnt managed yet). But he already has mobility issues even without them, which makes him the currently most difficult monster to play (in hunt).

He might is already balanced for TU 9 but for the current version i’d say against competent hunters he is in trouble in hunt.