Elder Kraken General Discussion


So Elder Kraken was released yesterday, played him all night and got him elite. Played around 3-4 online games with him today. And wow… He is my new favourite monster, not kidding. YOU HAVE NO IDEA how long I’ve been wanting to play my Kraken as a freaking Goliath! Sometimes when I had games with Kraken I just wanna land and hit the hunters in the face but I know Kraken is too weak for that.

And now I have Elder Kraken

I love him so much you have no idea. This is amazing, I love this variation so much. Yes his abilities is easy to dodge but I seem to get them right almost every time. This monster and me goes together so well, and I really hope that the hunters enjoy fighting against me now as I do fighting them. And it feels good that I can finally pick ‘‘Kraken’’ without making the hunters pissed haha.


We already have a thread for this. Kinda.


This could be just a general discussion thread though.


Recategorizing to kraken section since its about kelder, if thats ok for you ^^


It helps! Thank you :slightly_smiling:


Oh sorry, I just wanted to share how my gameplay with him is, nothing about balance really because I like him the way he is :blush: :smile:


It’s fine. If this used to discuss him in general then it should be fine.


Glad hearing you enjoy him! :blush:

I still feel kinda meh about him, the moovement feels clunky and abilities not very reliable .-.



Hahah! I really don’t feel that way, did you play alot of Kraken before Elder? Because the flying can be hard to get right but when you know how to do it you’ll stay in the air 24/7. What monster do you play? :slightly_smiling:


Well I am Goliath main, but have played original Kraken for many times. The EK traversals just feel… Different dunno how to describe it .-. But I am pretty sure he descends faster than original Kraken

As far as I remember you are on Xbox( or PS4 not sure now ) so maybe he feels different there than on PC ?

Or maybe I just suck as him


Personally I didn’t like playing as OG Kraken, not my bag man… And Elder is no different in that regard… Just not my thing… My feelings playing with it, and never really using OG Kraken is that Elder abilitys seem weak, and need love… In my Opinion couple things I would have done to them… Lighting Strike is good now, but a AOE that affects larger radius around blast area after hit that slows hunters would be a nice utility… The Banshee missile seems to slow, should track Hunter, and should have “scream” sound… The Aftershock just seems weak, I’m straight with the chaining gets stronger idea… But the range seem too small to me, or the cooldown should be shorter so I can be used more often… Like I said I think it’s just weak right now, and should probably be the top ability for a Elder Krakens play style… The Death spiral is cool looking and sounding, it ability to go thru objects is also cool… Also feels like it should be the other go to ability, being that is fairly short ranged… I think Duration could both be longer, and a added affect to funnel that pulls hunters in would be cool… These are just things I would add to the character for me to enjoy more, I like the look of the Elder Kraken, the sounds, a different play style he brings, and think TRS did a great job


I might actually start to main Kelder instead of Behe.


I’m on PS4, and yes his flying is a bit different but I like it, you have to waste more traversals to get a good flying position, but they recharge so fast so there’s no problem using one extra. Aah haha what a cute gif, yeah I guess you have to be really used to Krakens playstyle to do good with Elder Kraken. Like me, I suck with Goliath, can’t even win against silver master hunters goddamnit :frowning:


That’s really sad that you don’t like him… Yes his CL is a bit weak but I just use it to finish off people and hunt haha, they might fix that tho so everyone can like him and feel like he is not too weak. Do you mostly play Wraith? :slightly_smiling:


I really enjoyed fighting EK and playing as him! I actually like his movement better than OG Kraken.

I am wondering how he will do against a good team since he seems to eat a lot of damage in combat.


Ya I mostly (almost only) play the Wraith, aways have… Ever since I saw the first trailer I knew this was going to be my main monster… Not really super thrilled about the up coming changes to Decoy (at the same time not happy with it currently)… But really hopeful they do a version of wraith decoy that work like betas did (smarter AI and traversals while cloaked), as a community the Wraith player almost universally want this, my feeling is how can TRS ignore what there fans, players, customer want… :wraith: I’m ranting, lol sorry… But ya it Wraith… What did you think of my ideas to Elder being a Kraken player?


I dig the supernova wraith pic for your profile… Nioooce :wraith:


Nice to see u love that Kraken more as the OG Kraken and congrates 4 elite and ur new Main^^

I will never leave Gorgon as my main Monster until we will get a Worm or a Chimera / Cerberus Monster or maaybe a deformed Nuclear based Monster xD


Thanks! I love the FX of supernova.


I used to love Wraith but since they changed her melee system I cannot play her online anymore, solo is fine but she’s lagging out too much with the melees online for me :frowning:

Yeah I don’t know how I feel about her decoy anymore, it seems so useless no matter what happens but we’ll see. I liked it back in the betas though as you bringed up!

I get what you mean about Elder, they could decrease the cooldown on the CL since it’s giving out so little damage. But otherwise I am happy with him, he is a little bit more tricky to play (flying and hitting abilities right) but I’ve had no problems so far. I’ll write if I notice something I am not too happy with but right now he is so fun and okay :slightly_smiling: