Elder Kraken Elite?


Does the Elder Kraken have an elite skin in stage 2? I’d like to give that man some flavor once I max him


he does. nuff said.


is there a pic somewhere? I wanna take a look


I think so. Every monster has an elite and a prime skin. They can be unlocked by reaching level 35 and 40 (if my memory serves me right) respectively.

Also, every hunter has an elite and prime weapon skin and an elite and prime body skin (in case you didn’t know). Not sure on the levels for those though. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen the Elite Skin anywhere but Prime Skin is there :wink:


so prime is 40 for monsters? or in general?



Prime Skins are unlocked for everyone once that character reaches level 40


They look so good. They both look amazing. :smiley:

Thanks for adding the pictures, I was looking all over the forum for them. :smile:


My god! The albino skin on Elder Kraken is sexy as f***!!


Happy to help :grin:


goal acquired. must obtain Prime…!


wery similar to normal kraken one


Are Elite skins for everyone or were they only obtainable in Legacy?


Elite skins were in Legacy, but they were a testament to skill with a monster/hunter. If you could complete the challenges involved with them, you unlocked the skin, though for hunters it was just weapon skins. Either way, it meant that you had logged the time with the character. a lot of time. But don’t worry, they’re accessible in stage 2 too


I have two maxed out hunters and only got elite skins, how we get the primes?

Lv. 35 Weapons Elite Skins
Lv. 40 Hunters Elite Skins


My bad, thought there were prime hunter skins too. Sorry. :sweat_smile:


I wish, that why I asked :relaxed:


There are tons of elite skins collected here.