Elder Kraken (Combo Time) is kinda fast


Guys I was playing Elder Kraken and I was able to Wombo Combo absurdly fast. I think he needs to be looked at, especially how fast he can move too…


Your sarcasm is showing Tom


What skills said…


What the duck?


I can’t tell which one is being serious


The second one is. Just by playing a few games you can see the flaws in his traversal, and how it can be heavily countered. Anti-Goliath teams will shred EK faster than a Goliath, because he doesn’t have that bursty movement to avoid things such as mortars, or the dodge abilities. He’s restricted by CC more than Kraken is, and is the same size as a Kraken (which is bigger than a Goliath = easier to hit).


Slim/Cabot (or Hank)/Abe or Maggie/Torvald or Parnell

Or pretty much any comp really. S1 his abilities are easily dodged or tanked with no worries. That means you can do heavy damage with little fear. He doesn’t have the ability to avoid damage as easily as other monsters at S1. Maybe with a mobility perk he would do better (but probs still not very viable. Maybe after TU9?).


One talking about casting time and cooldowns of abilities, another one talking about traversals.


I’ve only had the chance to play him on solo so I’m going to take your word for it. Now that I think about it, elder kraken’s traversal doesn’t allow for much time in the air. I imagine stasis and tranqs would murder ek. Not to mention EK doesn’t have the damage mitigation that regular kraken has.

Ah, I didn’t see that. I’m going to limit my forum activity in the morning.


Wait 2 hours ago i hv read a " Elder Kraken is to Slow " Thread or did i hv read something Wrong ? O.o

he is to fast but He is to slow im so confused O.O

My brain cant take that




In all seriousness though he can actually combo his abilities really fast.

The problem is that only Lightning Strike and Banshee Missile have any knockback to them so if you really want to combo but your target dodges either of these 2 abilities then you might as well stand still and get shot at for 10 seconds before you try again.

His slow af movement in general certainly doesn’t help him either.


Pounce is his best combo extender. Missile into Death Spiral with pounce and Lightning Strike WHILE melee to finish the job! It’s absurdly fast! Faster then og Kraken…


Recategorized to kraken since we are talking about it’s adaption and not something particularly general about monsters :slight_smile:


By the way i think that the cast times are ok, didn’t find anything particular about them.


I’ll give you a hint… it’s not this one LOL