Elder Kraken Chain Lightning deal no damage


elder kraken can’t do damage with chain LIGHTENING every once in awhile in a long distance


Do you happen to have a video of this? Would prove to be very useful.


Fixed the grammatical error.

This might be due to people leaving the radius right before it strikes.


Are you talking about people in the radius of the chain lightning or people that are supposed to be hit by it because they’re near someone who is inside the chain lightning. I’m assuming that people are moving just outside of the chain’s reach which is why they’re not taking damage.


I’ve been told that Chain Lighting does increased damage the more hunters are in it’s radius.

Haven’t actually tested this but if this is true then this changes everything…


Yep. Thats how it works. It does meh damage to the person closest to you and works up to crippling damage to the person at the end of the chain.


The person is at the end seems sometimes not take any sort of damage .

I see the red animation but sometime the game just throw the damage away . No damage done .

I doubt it’s not a bug . It could be related with the ping .

It happens @Shunty but I think the CL should hit me in some cases .

@insane_521 can you tell us the range / radius of CL ?



It needs to jump to do damage and it’s super duper easy to dodge with a jump


He’s getting range buffs in the next patch, so it should be resolved. This is more of a observation, but regardless it is being addressed :slight_smile:


but its impossible to do I can only hit 2 so I don’t even get chain lightning


I often successfully chain four targets, then again, i try to reserve chain lightning for enclosed spaces.