Elder Kraken, Chain lightning and Emets replay rockets


Not sure if its intentional or not, but Chain lightning does not target deployables. If this is intended, ouch it sucks. (I know that chain lightning does more damage as it jumps, and this might be why? either way)

And @sony_view brought up that Emets replay rockets knock elder kraken around while he is in there air.


Hopefully it was just an oversight and not something that’s intended, as Aftershock was the same way during launch until they patched it later on.


I am pretty sure that it is intendend. A chain going over 6 deployables to you in safe distance would not be very pleasant.


Which would just mean youd have to be careful about your proximity to your deployables- A concept im actually 110% fine with. I think the idea of a monster that uses deployables against you if youre not careful is amazing.

But IMO if this is the case- Its going to make deployables really hard on elder kraken- Leaving only death spiral as a “practical” ability to deal with them.


If it was intended, maybe they could make it so that it can only destroy deployables under X amount of chains.


Or maybe give it a “cap” on the damage increase per jump?


Or just make it so lightning jumps to deployables but not from them, and hitting them doesn’t count towards its increased damage.


Or perhaps just make it destroy deployables like regular aftershock if your within range.


That means that you would need to be mind your proximitity to up to 17 objects (1 monster, 3 hunters, daisy, 12 deployables). Most people can only be aware of 3 things at once. Very talented, so I have heared, 7 things. Not 17.


Im aware of what it means :smiley:

I still dont mind.

Give it a maximum number of jumps if its a problems- that can level up with points into it.

Though I do think youre over complicating it a smidgen. Theres a difference between being consciously aware of “dont stand by anything” and “Where are these 3 specific mines? Where are these 3 specific sentries? Where are these 3 specific buoys? Where are these 3 specific harpoon traps?”


The main issue I have is that it is kind of counter intuitive to drop on an area and use something with a radius like this, and not take out deployables. It’ll feel wrong to many I imagine.

Something for TRS to consider, I’d just destroy any deployable within range of the initial strike personally, as a monster or hunter player I’d be cool with that.


I’ve taken out mines with it before. It reaches just far enough into the aura to take it out without hurting yourself.


sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… I don’t think it’s intended.
@Insane_521 any input?
@Shaners just because.


I just took another look at this and it does seem intended as follows:

  1. Look for target within the initial radius
  2. Prefer a Hunter/Daisy over Wildlife/ deployables
  3. Deal X damage to that target
  4. Look for next target within Y meters of the previous target
  5. Repeat from 2 with increasing damage until 4 targets are hit

Whereas Aftershock is more like:

  1. Look for all targets within the radius
  2. Deal X damage to all targets


Raw file - 376 MB
What you’re saying, makes sense. There is a problem though with something.

At 33rd sec, you can see the healing buoy being destroyed but the chain is not extended anywhere.


Well that healing buoy is at a corner, the chain wont connect around a corner. The only thing within range is maybe that one harpoon, but that may also be out of range. Or maybe the chain simply does not connect to deployables after the first hit.


Actually, it has a maximum number of jumps arleady. I can hit a maximum of 4 targets. That means if it would connect to deployables instead, you could just mitigate an entire ability by having 2 hunters spam deployables. It would be incredibly frustrating to have the CL redirected every time because a deployable is nearby and eats the 4th chain instead of a hunter.


But it is already frustrating. We both have the same picture, but draw different conclusions from it. I understand this ability (mostly) I just think it’s not working well. Either by design or by just some bug. He really is going to have the hardest time with deployable if it’s all by design. I know I bitch about it like it’s the end of the world. It’s not. But unless i “show” what I think is not the best, it could be easily omitted.
I actually do with him better than most of the monsters. Maybe because he is new, maybe gameplay suits me a lot, but I think it’s worth discussing at least.


I noticed that Elder Kraken seems to have the hardest time to destroy a shield drone fast (besides it being genrally too strong). His air burst does not reach that far, to hit it with 3 melees right now you may acutally use 2 burst to get there. The best tool to destroy it would be the BM, but thats his best burst damage ability actually.
If you dont want to waste too much you therefore would use Lightning Strike.

Goliaths have Flamebreath which does not need to be applied for the full duration to destroy the SD.
Kraken has snowballs and Banshee Mines. Using 1 Banshee Mine may only be a third of an ability.
Wraith only has Warpblast actually, but the traversal is fast and good to get into melee range.
Behemoth may use a Lavabomb, which prevents another shield drone there for some time, or Rock wall.
Gorgon best uses Acid spit, where one pool on the SD is already enough to destroy it.