Elder Kraken breaking out of the dome?


This wasn’t a situation where the monster was only partially in. I domed the stage 3 elder kraken as it was feeding. The game gave me the “Thunderdome!” achievement, the games indicator that the monster is inside the dome. Yet it walked right through the wall of the dome. Unfortunately I wasn’t recording it.

Edit: this was on Xbox One.


Was there any latency on either side that you took note of? I fought a Behemoth that had really high ping and I domed him when he was practically next to me, but he continued to roll right through the dome wall a few seconds later.


:scream: The monster broke through like the Kool-Aid Man!


I walked through a dome as Kelder before. Hmm…

There must be a glitch in the Matrix.


They have to be completely in or any monster can glitch out.


You’re right. As Goliath, my tail was caught in the dome, but I was still able to escape it. Why? Because the rest of my body was outside of the dome.


I’m also on Xbox and this happens from time to time - monsters will be clearly in the dome but will teleport through it. I think this is due to lag (even if you have low ping).

Either that or it’s just another buff they gave Elder Kraken :laughing: