Elder Kraken Balance Discussion


My team and I versed three elder krakens yesterday, one silver expert, two silver masters. In our attempt to prepare for all the elder krakens on ranked we came up with a comp and made two of those three silvers quit. Our comp is EMET, Bucket, Maggie/madmags, and blitzkov. We also used this team against a silver skilled Goliath but he wasn’t anything special…

I had the chance to play elder kraken myself, and it seems all of his attacks are UP. Lightning strike is quick, but weak and has a very low AoE, meaning its easy to dodge. Death spiral is good, very weak if you don’t put 2-3 points into it. Banshee missle is slow moving and its not worth putting three points into it. It’s more of an area denial tool than anything. Chain lightning is the worst of all. I can chain about 2-3 hunters in together, and it’s still weaker than vanilla Kraken’s banshee mine. His movement is the same speed as vanilla kraken, and considering he is a ground based monster, his movement speed is insanely slow. The only exceptional thing about him is his melee attacks. They are pretty fast hitting so that’s good. I think he needs a huge buff, but not to the point where he is as strong as vanilla kraken is right now. Vanilla kraken is OP right now, and I’m hoping for a good hit with the Nerf bat on him.

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Elder is Not UP.

It takes time to master a new monster, you can’t just play 5 games with Kelder and say he is UP.


Evidence to back your claim?


Not really, I don’t record my matches.


His attacks are very strong if you figure out a correct combo.
Get up close, immediately heavy hit, banshee missile is then instant and takes half of his health, then Death spiral pounce.


I’m making this the main balance discussion topic. :slight_smile:


not really you just have to know how to go fast with him if I need to get away fast I use one traversal and go back down then pounce and repeat it’s a pretty fast way of getting around


Thank you :slight_smile:


Also, if you hold still then press the traversal button you go straight up, and I’m pretty sure it goes higher than Kraken’s burst.


my combo is death spiral banshee missile then lightning strike


He isnt UP he is just hard to master because of his different Playstyle a flying melee Monster is New in Evolve

i hv heard of many players that he is pretty balanced ( a Kraken is balanced can it be true? O.O ) just his Chain-Lightning is a little bit UP

I really like him ^^


yeah chain lightning is the only problem I have with him


I did that with bob conclusion up


dosent sffect I never touched regular kraken but I still elited him I feel that he glows like a Christmas tree when hiding


His combat does seem to have a lot of potential and I have a lot of fun playing him , but it doesn’t really matter since you won’t get away against a competent team, my team and I (gold hunters + monsters) all agree that he’s probably the weakest monster simply because of his inability to escape


Elder isn’t OP nor UP. He has a pretty difficult playstyle, but feel from my games I’ve played he’s gotten a little easier to use. My Kraken instincts made me go in the air and go ranged but EK doesn’t have snowballs lol

Elder Kraken should have buff to his traversals, since stasis is really strong against him, he should have more thrust when using traversals to have a chance getting away from the hunters.


One thing I do know…HE IS SQUISHY! I was dealing damage up close and personal, and so were the hunters!


Yesterday i elited kelder and i found out, while farming, that chain lightning is too situational as skill and pretty weak actually, love the dmg concept but it’s just weak in term of numbers.


What monster has an easy way to get away with a good team though.

I think he is easier to get away because he is faster than OG Kraken.


As a brawler-type monster, I think slightly buffing his traversal is a good idea. He does feel quite sluggish at times.

On a different note is anyone else finding themselves losing track of the hunters more often with ElderK compared to the other monsters? Maybe it’s to do with all the electricity and spikes and stuff, but I seem to lose my target (who’s somewhere in-front or to the side of me) a bit more often…