Elder Kraken Ability Breakdown


So, after witnessing Elder Kraken on streams and now for my own eyes here is what I’ve been able to pick up on all of his abilities and how they work.

All of Elder Kraken’s abilities are blood red as well as all of his lighting. It’s eye also glows and leaves a faint blue trail in its path.

##Lightning Strike
From what I’ve been able to pick up, Lightning Strike is immovable and when cast a red line comes from the eye of the Elder Kraken leading to the point of the strike. The LS casts faster and deals less damage.

##Banshee Mine
I say Banshee Mine and not Mines because it would appear to be that Elder Kraken only has one mine. He is able fire a single mine which expand and then implodes in on itself.

No longer a dome shape, instead it covers the ground around the Kraken. Aftershock marks Hunters and chains lightning in between them so even outside the radius you may still be hit. Staying too close to your allies will cause you all to be hit, stay spread out and you will remain untouched.

Vortex spawns a long tunnel behind, in front of, and through the Kraken. The tunnel spawns behind Kraken and passes through him all the way to his aim location. The tunnel it creates does a DoT effect.

This is all I’ve picked up so far. I may be wrong about some things so take all of this with a grain of salt.


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