Elder kraken abilities disappear/do nothing if move too fast or go to ground


I noticed if you vortex then move towards the vortex fast it will disappear. And sometimes if you land when using aftershock it will disappear too.


Clips or it didn’t happen…

But no seriously video evidence of this would be great.
And we are talking only about Elder Kraken right?


I usually don’t record on my Xbox. I’ll turn it on and see if it happens this match.


Just say “Xbox record that” towards your connect when shit gets real, or goes down the drain with glitches. It automatically records the last 30 seconds or so w/o interuppting gameplay. Then then you can go to xboxclips.com and find them under your GT and post a link for us here.


Well there’s always the “Record That!” thing that is always convenient for everybody.


I disable it because I’m paranoid and thinks it’s takes away too much from the processor.


Are you also experiencing where ‘abilities would spawn on random locations’?

Like when you use example LS give meters in front of you, it somehow spawns the lightning twenty meters away or right behind for some reason.


And I was getting you are being slowed when playing against Ciara, Cobot, Maggie, Parnell. How is that possible. Fucking broken game.


You can do it manually by double pressing the Xbox home button and then pressing x for the last 30 seconds of vid, or y for a screen shot. My Xbox never slows down for either of those ever, since I’ve owned it, since they first came out. So at this point, its on you to show the problem. If you can’t show what’s wrong, don’t expect a fix.

Evolve has already fixed many problems that we’ve reported, or abused as a player base. Enough so that its just flat out toxic of you to be this set on complaining, w/o even showing what’s happening in game that’s the issue.

And with lacking a video you didn’t even provide specifics for them to work with? Map? Hunters? Area of map? What the hunters are doing? Maybe you misjudged chain lightning range? We only get about 3 threads a day with people thinking they were bugged from victory, and when they showed video, it was obviously a user error. Not a bug. If you want to help, then help.

Or at least stop making excuses about you can’t show what’s wrong, then complain about how broken the game is.
Be part of the solution, not the problem. Or is this post just to complain with profanity’s? Which I believe is banned on this forum.

TL;DR: Clip or automatic user error

@Major_Warrior ninja’d you on record that :wink:


It doesn’t.
Both the Xbox and PS4 reserve 1-2 CPU cores for the OS, the rest are being used for the game. Recording videos is handled on those cores that are not used for the game. Therefore enabling or disabling this feature has no impact on your gameplay whatsoever.