Eight: Kala's Story


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If I remember, I thought they were talking about Gorgon, but I have no clue at all what it is, so take my words with an atom


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Keep up the good work, love getting the back story!


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More pls love this we need a evolve lore book :open_mouth:


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Can confirm. Doubtful the monsters are directly a virus. Kala just used the virus to interface with her DNA. This process is also referred to in Kala’s “Truth and Beauty” interview with the mention of E. coli.

Some (relatively) light reading:

Loving all the science here by the way. I was able to keep up with most of it, but “imaginary time” is a new one for me-- Guess I have some more reading to do :smile:


Imaginary Time: Noun: The time you think you have to play and enjoy life but is instead devoted towards fixing/repairing things around the house, work, cleaning or any other subject that dominates the majority of your time when you would rather just play.


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I am so excited about this part!!! It’s the beginning of so many good sci-fi adventures.


Like Splice! :stuck_out_tongue:


Evolve comics now! Seriously, they’d sell.

Also, more backstories, please. I’ve read all the others, but I wanna know about everyone else.


OMG i cant breath the hype the science the lore too much hype. I CANT TAKE IT


Yeah, using a virus is a common method in microbiology research as a vector to transform a cell with genetic material from an external source.

A lot of produce in American marketplaces have been transformed with genes from fish that mimic antifreeze properties so they stay fresh in your fridge.

Source: I’m a microbiologist.

Anywho, the quantum biology thing is interesting. Kala uses the virus to inject the HNA for stability, but it is interesting that it looks to be only initiating the stability, not maintaining it. Otherwise, a dead Monster would essentially melt if it needed a consciousness to maintain the HNA structure.

I stand by the inclination that the Monsters existed in Cherenkov space and we started traveling through it, attracting their attention. It seems that the Monsters need an anchor to our dimension and the eggs do such.

I could see the Bohrium playing into the metabolic process of the Monsters, but I don’t understand why the Monsters destroy our Patterson devices if that is the case.

I feel like their intent is to keep us out of their dimension by any means possible more than necessarily for sustenance, but I could be wrong. It just doesn’t make sense. In game, the Monsters can eat just random creatures to fuel their growth and development, plus there doesn’t seem to be much indication of what they do after a world is destroyed. Do they just die? Do they travel back? Once the Bohrium source is exhausted, what then?

If a conscious creature needs to maintain some sort of focus for interdimensional travel, I’m not sure how that would tie to Kala’s ability, which would make sense if only she could teleport, but would not explain anyone else, unless she merely acts as a key.

On a biological scale, if HNA evolved for the monsters naturally, it would imply that there is an entire ecosystem in Chereknov space where such creatures evolved. Which might literally be like digging straight through a universe just by diving into C-space.


February 2379 was extrapolated by a conversation with Bucket.

Factor was “lost” 2 years ago, but that doesn’t indicate whether being lost meant the beginning of the invasion or once no one remained.


That was such a good read. Evolve and Dead Space are the only games I really read up on lore. I could easily picture the conversations Kala had with the woman and Tom. Good stuff. I think I might brush up on some other characters throughout the week at work.


The more I think about everything in this story, the more I subscribe to this theory. Having the monsters making their attack as a reactionary response to Cherenkov space travel is really satisfying. It gives a fantastic way to integrate Sci Fi physics and Xenobiology with real world physics and biology. It makes the monsters even more sympathetic to humanity. Plus, all the known data fits these rules really well!

As for the bodies decaying quickly, I actually think there’s dialogue on that. I’ll have to hunt it down sometime.


I’m getting this the Monsters were once Human vibe.


Hooray! I live story time and concept art!


Question. What is FTL?