Eight: Kala's Story


no Kala saw a man next to a monster and said the monster was 10 meters tall. which is like, 30 feet


Correct. They call it “Patterson symmetry” in textbooks. It’s a quantity conserved when translating something into Cherenkov space.


Correct. In Kala’s business, retroviruses are used to make changes to genes. This is true in the real world, by the way. It’s not something I made up.


Awwww they aren’t? that sucks


It really sucks to be dumb. I literally have no idea what you science nerds are talking about. As much as i can gather is that the Monsters are like, even more freaky then they were before i read this.


The best part is that I a m doing my math internal assessment for the international baccalaureate program on imaginary time, but with relativity equations. Fact is stranger than fiction.


Never read one of your canon pieces before, but holy crap I love your writing. This is bad… I have a book I still want to finish but I think I need to go back and read all of your past writings now…

Will there be a follow up to this anytime soon? Perhaps post-Kala release?


is that the scientific term or is that from ancient Greek?


Is that f****** Dave Chappelle?


That’s what I think, too.

Man, I never read any of these lore stories. But this one is very good. Very good writing, @Matthew! Is there an overview over all of them?


My mind during the reading of all these theories:



lol yeah. His character Tyrone Biggums.


I know who he is, have you seen kneehigh park?


Well…what an amazing read. really wish these stories were more “out there” on things like Twitter/instagram/facebook so that people can read them too!

did facebook :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s Latin actually.


I don’t believe so, but I’m about to! Lol


Btw, i loved the story. Very interesting, this leaves me to think that there will be more to explain in the future SOONtm. :slight_smile:


Just watched it. It was pretty damn funny. “I beat my beep like it ows me money” lmao.


Yay Warhammer. :smiley: