Eight: Kala's Story


Them that brings up the discussion of Human evolution. It’s possible that the Monsters are evolved Humans.


[quote=“turwaith, post:119, topic:81205”]…the Kala in that dimension created the monsters in this dimension and the Kala in this dimension created monsters that go to a different dimension. Paradox solved!

My mind rejects such scenarios because if such a thing were possible, then pretty much anything could happen at any time for no apparent reason, and you could never make any bloody sense of anything.


It does make sense, but just because the HNA was stabilized naturally doesn’t mean the monsters weren’t created. What would happen if they inject the HNA into a chimp like they proposed? They would make something that was no longer a chimp and could do things a chimp never could…maybe breathe fire…


Access to this would be limited though. You’d still need the technology to do this.


All we can assume is that monsters are made up of both HNA and DNA, because she did say that its possible that HNA may need a sentient host to help stabilize it.

So basically ypi think that monsters are a natural evolution of HNA.

I feel like I’m a scientist lulz my head hurts


That’s not quite true, the only things you’d see effects like this for would be for things that cross dimensions and right now that only appears to be the monsters themselves.


Everyone is tallking about theroies and explaining things, and I’m just here like

wat .-.


Then it’s entirely possible to have a bond of HNA and DNA allowing for instant adaptation and evolution.


You and I are standing off to the side like


They where created but I think it was just a natural event like. I don’t think humans created the monsters. I mean humans did make the artificial DNA but they didn’t stabilize it. That happen by some odd natural way.

And the thing no one was aware that HNA requires a sentient host to stabilize the HNA. Kala just figured it out. And like something had happen where she had to test it on her self. Only people that knew this was her and her friend.

Its possible that maybe her research facility became under attack, and she became desperate to try to see if it will work to stabilize the HNA if she injected it in her.

Exactly!!! Monsters seem to be both artificial and natural.


Well the Host is cannon. It helped the Behemoths destroy Factor, however the Host isn’t mentioned by name in-game.


Just to add my two cents. If the monsters are viruses they are no longer considered living because they don’t follow the Properties of Life.

Cellular Organization - Based on everything we know so far the monsters do have natural cells but we don’t know much about them besides they all share the same DNA in there cells
Reproduction - Seemingly the monsters don’t reproduce. They have no genitalia and the “eggs” seem solely for transportation.
Metabolism - YES. They eat and get energy and obviously lose some of that energy. Traversal and Move cool-downs demonstrate this along with evolving and armor.
Homeostasis - We can assume they have some form of homeostasis because Goliath and Behemoth maintain extreme heat in there bodies. Since they are all the same species (theoretically) we can assume they all have homeostasis.
Heredity - No. They don’t breed and reproduce so why would they have any hereditary traits?
Responsiveness - Do they respond to when it gets cold or hot? We don’t know. But they do have a nervous system which directly relates to that and they obviously respond to pain.
Growth and Development / Adapt Through Evolution - This is a given but also a little grey. Yes they grow at a rapid rate but in this process they’re undergoing evolutionary changes. So this cancels out one or makes them one either way both are technically happening just in a much different way.



Based on the infographics and assuming this is strictly height, then that’s slightly larger than the tallest monster we’ve seen. Unless they are referring to lengths, in which case behemoth would likely qualify. For reference:


Ripley: They grab the colonists, they move them over there and they immobilize them to be hosts for more of these. Which would mean that there would have to be a lot of these parasites, right? One for each colonist. That’s over a hundred at least.
Bishop: Yes, that follows.
Ripley: But each one of these things comes from an egg, right? So who’s laying these eggs?
Bishop: I’m not sure. It must be something we haven’t seen yet.


Nope I take the virus thing back I misinterpreted the back story…
This is a long read lol

This is what I truly believe what is going on. Humans created the artificial HNA. But the HNA. Could not be stabilized, until these monsters started appearing which were made up of stabilized HNA.

Cmet had Kala work on samples of the monsters and were told it was nudibranch samples. What she discovered was that they were made up of HNA and that they seem to have been stabilized by some interaction with Patterson tech. This is why she said that whatever created these creatures can do what we do.

Basically its because the HNA was inadvertently stabilized by some natural way by Patterson tech. And patterson tech that was created by humans. So humans are half at fault for the monsters

So now she know that Patterson tech can some how stabilize HNA naturally on its own. So she requested lots of bohrium which I’m sure patterson tech runs on, so she can try to recreate stabilization of HNA using Patterson tech.

But all her attempts felled, until she realize that even though monsters don’t have a cerebral cortex they seem to be sentient. Basically having a cerbral cortex means that you have a consciousness. All mammals have them and the bigger they are the more developed a brain is. Like humans.

So basically Kala thinks she’s cracked it for HNA to become stabilized it needs a consciousness. So this is why she started thinking maybe she should try to inject her self to see if it will stabilize it.

So basically all HNA needs to become stable is a host with a consciousness. Now monsters don’t have a cerebral cortex so how are they sentient? And seem to have a consciousness.

This can be explained by a real world theory. Consciousness with out a cerebral cortex, there’s is studies that say that its possible for some organism with out a cerebral cortex to have a conscious and be sentient.

There are bacteria that are theorize to have a conscious and are sentient. So I thinking that some how HNA bonded with a alien bacteria naturally with the help off Patterson tech side effects.

So basically HNA + DNA + consciousness + Patterson tech = monsters


Don’t you mean CMET?


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