Eight: Kala's Story


It’s just… how come they know about the Ajax? That thing was super secret!
hmmm… Maybe they (CMET) payed EbonStar to transport the monster unboard the Ajax and bring it to Akhenaten?

Anyway, they even have a report supposedly intercepted from CIG9 about monster tactics. It just doesn’t feel like intelligence you could “just” snatch from something as secretive as CIG9. Iunno. Maybe they’ve done more than just leak information to CIG9. Maybe they traded information with them?

This had me speculate if maybe Hoshi was another CIG9 agent that had infiltrated the Ajax. Her being from Ganymede, which also happens to be the location of the CIG9 headquarters. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it? xD


That sounds right.


I know the reason they covered up the monsters
That is every person who knew about it ^


After reading that, this image has been stuck in my head. :joy:


Hehe, The people of Clocktower are probably not that badass, but I’d love to see the monsters daring to mess with Torvald’s people. :smirk:

Also I’m a bit confused. Are CIG9 and CMET sharing intelligence now?

That is amazing.


Ok, so I’ve thought about this more, and I’m really liking where this is going. So just a list of my thoughts after reading this:

  1. Caira’s research is paying off in a big way. She was completely right about the HNA as well the connection with the monsters and Patterson technology. All the assumptions of monster sapience is essentially confirmed.

  2. Bohrium is important to something in the monster’s metabolic processes. The attacks on the mines are also not random. I may be wrong, but I wanna say Patterson tech runs on Bohrium. If so, the plot thickens even more so.

  3. Now we know every major corporation in the galaxy knows about the monsters and are involved. Ebonstar has been transporting monsters for at least a year prior to the evacuation and have been trying to trap wraiths for portal technology. NORDITA is the group that hired Cabot and the Crew knowing full well what they were getting into. CIG9 is involved since they sent in Val, and now we know that Celestial has known about at least 6 species of monsters for two years at this point in time. Not only that, but it’s hit a point where they’re all secretly trying to collaborate against the monsters together.

  4. There is at least one more unnamed monster in the universe. The Host is technically canon, but not in game. We have no clue what this is referring to, if anything at all. Speculate away.

  5. DK / it … Ok, so we know that this is a mechanism involving the Patterson effect. This is part of what Patterson tech runs on. It is described as a change in kaluza divided on imaginary time. We are given that Kaluzas are changes in dimensional displacement (units of length). Though these are not real units, they are likely based on the Kaluza–Klein theory which outlines laws of physics within a fourth spatial dimension with it’s own timescale. I’d take this to mean that a Kaluza is not that different from a meter, only specifically noting a change in space on a fourth spacial dimensional axis. Imaginary time sounds a lot scarier than it is - it is just like regular time but on a perpendicular axis - since it is purely imaginary and not complex, this just means it is a timeline that runs in a strictly orthogonal to our own timeline. I’m assuming here that is time within the fourth dimension. Long story short, this is a formula for fourth dimensional velocity. We know that patterson FTL drives essentially allow starships to cut across spacetime to take a shortcut to a desired destination (IE, jump through the fourth dimension, or Cherenkov Space, to bypass conventional time and space). How fourth dimensional velocity matters to a biological system, I have no clue yet, but I have a theory. Kala implies that it has to do with the stability of HNA within biological systems. Without it they “fly apart” - sounds very kinetic to me. Somehow, this Cherenkov velocity keeps monster DNA viable for life. We know that organic matter can survive in the Cherenkov Space since humans can travel through it with Patterson tech. Ultimately, Patterson technology is what links Cherenkov space with normal space. What if this is the Monster’s natural habitat? And humans invaded it so they could have a space freeway. Naturally, the monsters may start to follow us through to figure out who the hell is invading them. Then it goes deeper. Why eat Bohrium and seek Patterson technology out? Because without it, the monsters are too unstable to survive in our dimension. They evolve and metabolize an an unsustainable rate. What if they are racing against their HNA’s internal self destructive clock? This could also extend to monster eggs - monsters hatch from empty goo and come out fully developed. Caira hypothesized that the eggs allow traversal of Cherenkov space - what if this is just a way that monsters move from their homeworld to ours? Plus, they may know that no Patterson tech = no more humans in Cherenkov Space, which is even more reason to smash the generators.

ok, so that’s my thoughts and crackpot theory crafting. I’m way too hyped!

EDIT: I forgot that HNA is actually a real thing called 1,5-anhydrohexitol nucleic acid. I’ll have to read more on this at a later time and see if I can fit it with my theory.

EDIT2: looks like there a range of Hexose Nucleic Acids with varying stability. They’re all synthetic and not found in natural living systems. This leaves plenty of wiggle room for monster HNA having biological stability problems. Knowing what Kala did to stabilize it in a regular living system would shed a lot of light on the theory.


Kind of interesting that there are two more monsters in the lore. Im guessing one of them is the host, but its strange how there is still one we dont know. At the very least this leaves the possibility for another DLC tier, or maybe even a second game.


Gorgon destroyed chapel colony single handely.

And I think bohrium fuels Patterson transformation. Would explain why monsters can eat it.

And I’m not sure about the alternate dimension, basically from her back story monsters are viruses that are infuse with Patterson energy or something. This gives the monsters there abilities.

Its also said that the monsters are sentient which means that these viruses must have infected some type of sentient creature. This creature then mutatates into the monsters.

Theses viruses must have like different strands that determine what an infected host will mutate into. Like Goliath virus, wraith virus…so on

So basically they had kala trying to making something similar to the monsters a sentient creature infused with Patterson tech. But her versions were unstable and fell apart.

Then she realized that there falling apart because there’s no sentient life for these virus to build off. So she basically decided to use herself has a test subject. And it seems like it kind of worked. Because I mean look at her face and hand lol.

I’m not sure if Im getting everything right from her back story? Lol

And the real question is nordita trying to weaponjze the monsters like they trying to recreate them and there telling Kala that if we can figure out how the these monster HNA is staying stable we can find awayn to defeat them.

I think nordita true goal ismyo find out how to make these monsters then eventual try to control them and weaponize them.

One more thing its possible that The Host is the first original monster that mutated from a space virus from the effects of Patterson transformation


I think the viruses referred to by the story are retroviruses, an Earthly biological construct used by scientists as a tool to deliver genetic material into living cells. I think in Kala’s case, she has been trying to merge HNA into Earth organisms using that technique. That would be similar to what she did in her earlier “interview” backstory, where she spliced alien DNA into Earth life.


Also, I could be wrong, but I think the Patterson Transform is not a physical transformation, but rather a mathematical construct that is used to describe some advanced physics concept.


I’m still to process her back story lol. That’s what I got from her back story

I keep rereading it lol to see if any of it will make sense to me.


Something interesting that no one is bringing up is that the mysterious woman refers to HNA as artificial DNA, but Kala says that’s not quite right because it has a natural reason for its stability which is where the Patterson Field Equations come into play. But, she doesn’t actually say that the HNA isn’t artificial and that’s something we know Caira has hypothesized before as well. Kala was able to reproduce the results for HNA, but was unable to keep it stable until she injects it into a sentient organism. Does this mean that she is able to create monsters? If she injected herself with the same HNA then wouldn’t she be the same as the monsters now? Does she require the Bohrium as the monsters seem to as well? Since the equation deals with imaginary time…does that mean time travel is possible for the monsters within the Patterson Field? If so…did Kala inadvertently create the monsters?


Must be that purple liquid rushing into her veins on her arm in the teaser :slight_smile:


Haha, interesting! Think that’s a paradox though, since she was engaged by Celestial to study the monsters. :slightly_smiling:


This is me while reading your post.


But if we think time as relative, then the future would have an impact on the past. There is possibility that she did indeed create the Monsters in the future but was given the task of studying them in the past.


Since this is science fiction, I won’t try to say it’s impossible. I just prefer to imagine a universe with causality. :smiley:


Why not complexity?


Ahhhhh! You’d think so, BUT it’s imaginary time, my theory is that time actually comes from a different dimension as has been mentioned before, but the Kala in that dimension created the monsters in this dimension and the Kala in this dimension created monsters that go to a different dimension. Paradox solved! (Solved = BS’d around in this case)


This hurts my head lol

But I think what Kala meant was that yes HNA is artificial but the way they became stabilized in the monster was a natural event.

So the monsters are basically made up of artificial DNA that has been stabilized naturally some odd way.

And she is trying to recreate how to stabilize HNA naturally. When she realizes that it maybe need a sentient host. Which is why she injects herself with it to see the results.

Does this make sense?


All I know, is that when all is said and done, we need answers. Please deliver Matt, i’m trusting you man. Before I die I gotta have some closure on this fiction. I know you may not because you’ve mentioned keeping the monsters ethereal and mysterious in a lovecraftian sense is intentional. I know that the questions are often way more satisfying than the answers to them, but please don’t leave us hangin here man. You’ve proven yourself to be a human among people when it comes to writing this stuff.