Eight: Kala's Story


I assume so, since it’s been said that the adaptations are not canon, right?


The Brain Bug is on Shear! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to fucking cry. Please God give us Tiers 6 and 7.


Well, not the current ones anyway.

Also, @MeTheBigShow, Matthew posted another story!!! :smiley:


I don’t want to be the basher of dreams though, but just because a Monster was or is mentioned in a canon story, doesn’t mean that it will make it to the game :pensive:


To be fair though, people on these forums obsess and speculate over FAR less :slight_smile:


I like this one because it refers to us monster players in Evolve


Interesting! So the transmission was sent from Akhenaten. The date on the transmission I believe is “07.31.2380” - July 31, 2380. According to the lore thread, the Evacuation of Shear took place in February 2379. It took five days, right? And every time we’ve received a DLC character, the time line progressed slightly - not sure how much.

So, we’re looking at Akhenaten getting attacked… in the future? After Shear? After Kala has left the facility, maybe? Unless 18 months has passed, which I have a heavy doubt for. That or I’ve got dates wrong. :smile:

Edit: Maybe I do have dates wrong! Factor was lost in 2378, and it’s been two years. Wouldn’t that put Shear’s situation in 2380?..


Wait, no… A writer actually just telling their audience what their cryptic messages mean?!

But seriously, this is awesome. I think, as far as background goes, Kala is my new favorite character. It’s pretty clear what happens next, and HOLY COW IS THAT SO COOL.



I made it into the Evolve lore! Yessssssss! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is so amazingly cool. So many questions though. What a great read. But it reeeeally makes me want an Evolve 2 with a story mode, or at least an Evolve book. Both preferably.


After reading that, this image has been stuck in my head. :joy:

Hehe, The people of Clocktower are probably not that badass, but I’d love to see the monsters daring to mess with Torvald’s people. :smirk:

Also I’m a bit confused. Are CIG9 and CMET sharing intelligence now?


No, I think that CMET realized their ‘Oh Shit’ moment and are ‘allowing a leak’ to let Cig9 help deal with the issue.


I wonder what happened to mr old-school spymaster that means miss beach house retirement spy is now somewhat in charge.


He got ‘replaced’ because he most likely caused the ‘oh shit’ moment.


six tier confirmed maybe


I just hope that “this one” isn’t Meteror Goliath and “another one” isn’t the new Kraken.



What about the Wraith variant though? Plus, I think she would be smart enough to see Meteor Goliath and realize it was a variation and not a “What is this” moment. Plus, I don’t think Variants are considered canon.


It won’t be enough lore until I have an Evolve novel in my hands.


Wow this is great stuff @Matthew ; it explains so much.

“slugs” giggles