Eight: Kala's Story


Just watched LonesWolf Kala dialogue vid,if you watched till the end…the lines when shes down,thats not Kala talking,those are the monsters


Remember wolf does miss a few bits of dialogue, there could be more.




yeah I know,but just listen to them,THOSE ARENT KALA TALKING,ITS THE MONSTERS


Thank you for letting ME (us) know it’s out! I’ve been waiting for it to come out the past 3 days! @LoneWolfHBS


Odd, I can’t hear any reference to chapel.


It’s in the second one. Apparently a single Gorgon took out Chapel colony and that’s all we really know about Chapel… other than it being a class three colony. Well, unless I missed something.


My thought was to try modifying whatever the substance they’re made of is into a chip, and see how fast can your Patterson Drive recharge then.

Or you know. Go the way of weirder science fiction, slap the scheme of a supercomputer on it, and have it mathematically prove that the “true vaccuum” the monsters exist in doesn’t exist, killing them all in the process.


I don’t think it would make a difference. The Monsters require a consciousness for that equation (The Patterson Equation) to drive them. Without a mind, it would all come apart and wouldn’t function.


Would deliberately destroying an entire universe be a whole new kind of sin? They’d have to dig out a new level of Hell for that one I bet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, I think that might be the same level of hell for people who talk in movie theaters. Seems like they’d be on the same level.





“It’s not like we did it a couple times already!”


This sounds so familiar, but I have to admit defeat now. I can’t place the reference. :pensive:


That’s fine, me neither.

It just came to the mind. Somehow.


Could be.

I’ll go watch the audio again and put the puzzle pieces together. Please excuse my ignorance if this question has already been answered.


me want one on how jack found emet and gave him the demon core and what a demon core is and how jack got it


There has been no confirmation but I am pretty sure that it’s him


It makes sense, doesn’t it? I’d never thought of it myself, but now that it comes to mind, it would fill the bill.