Eight: Kala's Story



Kala Kapur’s name sounds awefully close to Kelly Kapoor. Just a coincidence?


Well, I don’t know who that is, so yes, it’s just a coincidence.

If anything I think is subconsciously gave her an alliterative name a la Bruce Banner.


Kelly Kapoor is a character in ‘The Office’. Thought maybe you were a fan or something. Thanks for the reply tho.


Ohh! Nope, sorry. I watched the British Office, but that was years ago.


(To be clear, I have no insider information on this, I’m just interpreting what I have read.)

My take on this is that the corporations and intelligence agencies are in fact so threatened by the monsters that they are willing to work together (or some elements are), and their main intent is really to fight the monsters. If they weren’t worried about losing entire colonies, then sure, maybe they’d start thinking about how to use the monsters to get ahead.

I think Kala’s motivation in pursuing her personal experiment was scientific. Driven by her concern for others, but done in order to get facts. I think she was trying to identify and isolate details of how the monsters’ HNA functions, to understand the cellular mechanisms that make the monsters work. She probably thought if she could transplant key portions of HNA successfully into Earth life, and the Earth life began to show certain expected properties, then it would be proof that she understands those mechanisms. I think that’s what she wanted, based on the story as written.



Crow…He’s seen enough shit to not be bothered by it


Love it! Typically Crow as well :joy:


Lol good ol Crow.


XD Damn it Crow. Never change.


This is now one of my favorite dialogues.

Crow… what a guy.

   Kala: You're Crow.
   Crow: Yup.
   Kala: I'm...I'm Kala
   Crow: Hey.
   Kala: Hey. You don't...you're not disturbed by... this?
   Crow: By what?
   Kala: By what I...I'm half...eh...you know what, never mind
   Crow: Okay.


Am I the only one that thinks Kala is sorta trying to get the other hunters to get disgusted/scared of her. She seems as if she is forcing it into Crow but giving up as she realises that he really doesn’t give a sh*t.


she wants to rationalize what she did to herself to the others. she tries to compare what she did to herself with slim to try and get him to see her point of view. where as Crow, who doesn’t seem bothered by it, she tries to get to make him notice it at first by pointing it out then realizes it wouldn’t change anything with him


One more! MOAR!


I’m pretty sure it’ll be tomorrow of how tomorrow he “could” do another and then the next day after that is Kala release…at least for PC players


Y’all are great with your fancy school learnin’ and theories and what, but all I took away from this story was


Two new beasties!!! TWO NEW BEASTIES!!! I WANT EM!!! Seriously though, Chapel Colony? Is that a new place or was it mentioned somewhere before?


Only other place I’ve heard it mentioned is in the audio teaser for Gorgon.


I must have missed that, where can I find it?