Eight: Kala's Story


I got one or two more I might post before she releases.





time’s running short! you must post them now before you run out of time!



Please do the one with her and Jack OR the one with Abe and Parnell (yeah I know she’s not in it)!


He’ll yeah. I’d love to hear a conversation between the “Boy Genius” and Kala!


sunny kala seem like an interesting conversation.

i know he mentioned some on the stream but i dont remember which ones


It’s so good. Given Jack’s “unique” personality you might be able to guess what he might make of Kala. Speaking of that, also her first conversation when she meets Slim is amazing too.


Sunny and Kala are both supports. :worried:

You’re on a roll with thinking two supports can be on the same team today.


??? …they are both supports…lol

EDIT: Ninja’d by @white_hawke8


lmfao. man. i am aren’t i…

what’s with that? i’m just not used to kala yet maybe?

maybe this is what happens when you’re on Evolve Withdrawal.


Are you talking about this one?

I’m just making sure I haven’t missed anything lol.


Nope. As you can see from reading that conversation, that is not the first time they meet. I’m talking about the conversation where they meet for the first time.


Whoa whoa whoa…I am “watching” this thread. Was it posted in this thread? If so, I don’t know how I missed it!


No, as far as I know those conversations haven’t been posted officially anywhere yet.


Where do I find it then? Lol


I’m a data miner.


For TRS??



no. its a hobby of his. thats all. please leave it at that if you can



I don’t understand all of the secrecy, but I will respect it. As for hearing Slim and Kala convos, I guess I will just have to wait till she comes out :blush:.


I’m just as hyped as everyone else to hear these in game for the first time. As I’ve said several times recently, I’m not spoiling anything - but I will talk about how great it is if we’re talking about that :stuck_out_tongue: ! Matt is the amazing writer that gets to spoil things. If you want to hear cool stuff, ask him.