Eight: Kala's Story


Did you just post Kala’s only funny conversation? :smiley: The rest are pretty morose IIRC.

EDIT: Actually I do remember other funny ones, Emet always just cracks me up and overshadows the others.


That was awesome!! Gotta love Emet! :smile:


Ahaha! I love Emet! “You seem to be horribly and painfully dying of a deadly disease! Would you maybe like some help?”

And the demon core is blunt as always. <3 Poor, suffering Kala, though. :frowning: My heart’s gonna break when I play her. Super interested to hear the monster side of her.


It just says “Invalid source” for me. ;_;


…Sooo, finally Emet does know he has a demon core ?
At least, if we consider on a fictionnal timeline that Kala is the last of T5 to arrive, now Emet is conscious of its dual nature…?


I think Emet has always been concious of the fact he’s sharing space with a Demon Core, It’s not like anyone is hiding it from him?


Hmmm… dunno.
Quite ambiguous. Maybe.


I believe that we already do. It just happens to be that we call these shields ‘armor’.

I love this story because it explains a lot of the weirder stuff the monsters do. The anti-grav part explains why the monsters float to the ground like gentle leaves. I’m not sure how kraken’s use of dark matter works with Δk / _i_t . Plus it confirmed my head-canon that monster genetic code breaks down rapidly when the monster dies.


Caira isn’t a blonde


I know, I missed that detail and someone already pointed it out to me


Are there moar?


As far as I know, it doesn’t seem like it.


No, I mean Kala with other hunters, not just EMET.


Well, Matthew gave us this dialogue:


And more audio clips?


Decided to type out the Kala-Emet discussion

Emet: Hello! You appear to be undergoing catastrophic genetic decay. Do you need assistance?
Kala: Huh. An E.M.E.T. drone, nice to see a familiar face.
Kala: An E.M.E.T. drone with a demon core?
Emet: It helps me fight. It is braver than I am. Sometimes it takes over. I do not control when.
Kala: Hmm. We have something in common. That’s depressing.


I believe the one above is the only one for now :confused:


honestly, i didnt even know that they could post audio clips like that in the forums.





so saddening. the sound of your missing sentry brothers