Eight: Kala's Story


I would assume she’s referring to Behemoth.


yeah i cant read this in 12 minutes


so someone explan to me what CMET is again


CMET.LINK was part of the transmission de-coded in the video at the end of the Evolve credits. It also turned out to be an easter egg website put together by TRS Devs.

CMET = Celestial Materials Extraction & Transportation, a company in the Evolve universe


thnks, i actualy went on the evolve wiki and read about it myself


teleportations devices!!!


@Matthew I would love to use this as a story for my next choice to read in my school


Yeah…I’m not really interested in the game mechanics, but the lore canon.

We all already know that they do weird bubble stuff. That doesn’t mean it explains what is going on.

Because characters respawning after death is a game mechanic, but definitely not lore friendly.

So for all intents and purposes, we do NOT know what happens to Monster corpses as far as lore is concerned.


Let us know what happens if you do!


Ohp, new category.
Also didn’t Matt say he was gonna make Hunter Varients canon? Cuz almost blonde hair, knows a ton about monsters…Rogue Val maybe? Or am I remembering things wrong?


Bit of a long post. Can’t TL;DR

So, this Patterson Transform, Delta-K / it, has direct relation to the monsters and their form. It is (I assume) what fuels their abilities and can be consciously controlled. This much is evident in the Monsters’ ability to adapt and learn.

Something that clicked for me is that this explains eggs, finally. It’s not that they’re organic inter-dimensional transports, but they’re the same material Monsters are made of, except without that catalyst that begins their transformation into Monsters. Obviously, they’re dormant before the Monster comes into contact with them, but when contact is achieved (in the form of the Monster beating the hell out of the egg) this effect (Delta-K / it) takes hold of the substance and transforms it into the most basic form of the Monsters (OG), unadapted to the Hunters and brand new. I don’t think it holds its own consciousness, though. I think it shares that of the Monster that hatched it. This would explain why it chases the Hunters instead of running off and doing its own thing, given that we know the Monsters don’t really care about Humans.

I do have a question, though. Why don’t we have a Monster with shields or something more directly related to energy used in Patterson Devices? I mean, an energy-based Monster (Kraken doesn’t count, neither does Wraith) would be a logical step given that the Monsters have a natural form of the Patterson Effect fueling them. It only makes sense that this would manifest in a more pure-energy form than corporeal and fleshy. Maybe that’s just me, but it does make sense. Goliath is the first form of this new type of consciousness, testing the water as it were, Kraken provides the pure power - the electrical element, Wraith would represent the speed-enhancing capabilities of the Delta-K / it formula and moving through space freely, as well as anti-gravity effects, she also takes advantage of HNA being unstable and dangerous (warp blast), Behemoth and Gorgon could be it learning to manipulate its surroundings and/or/ create and transport new matter, potentially even try to reproduce. Why not let it try out its raw powers in the form of shielding and spatial manipulation?

Also, if this ability can be transferred into other living beings, could it not allow for an evolved form of biotechnology? For example, giving people the ability to survive harsher climates by determining which factor of the Monsters makeup gives them scaly skin and the ability to regenerate the (as Caira states) “Ablative Coat”, then applying that to Humans, allowing for a natural protection that renews itself. Regenerative capabilities would exceed their current ability, even with Generyst. Create an enhanced soldier with heightened strength, agility, and senses, as well as the ability to adapt to his/her environment and possibly even completely heal fatal wounds without reliance on another person or technology.

Genetically engineered Monsters could also be made. For work, study, or basically anything, even pets. Kind of a cool concept.

One thing does irk me. If the Monsters all have the same effect going on at the same time as the Drives, wouldn’t the Monsters be equally hostile to the others since they create the same disturbance?


I highly doubt all these companies/governments are paying for this research for the good of humankind.

Create an enhanced soldier with heightened strength, agility, and senses, as well as the ability to adapt to his/her environment and possibly even completely heal fatal wounds without reliance on another person or technology.

This is likely reason, but they needed Kala to figure out how to combine it with Human DNA. And all she needed was a reason.


Yeah, but I was talking about taking the research further and directly isolating individual traits and using them to enhance Humans. Not just for governments, but also in the medical field. Much profit to be gained from this if there are a million killing machines after you. I would pay a good amount of money to be able to survive a Monster attack, especially if it didn’t hugely disfigure me and actually enhanced how I live on a hostile world.

Basically, sell augments to the public, especially to those on dangerous planets, to make money and please people, while still being able to put heavy research into applying this to combat and war. It could be a step up from Basilisk Soldiers, but without forcing them to combine their DNA with bugs and be shunned from society.


Oh I agree, but that kind of tech is always going to get used for defense. I think eventually it would make it’s way into the medical field when it could turn a profit and to the general public when it was cheap enough to sell en-masse. I still think defense was their primary objective.


Considering they have heal beams, grenades, bugs, bursts, and resurrection gloves, I’d say the medical field is doing justttt fine.


Well yeah, but I mean the HNA/DNA cocktail.


Sounds fancy where can I pick one up? :stuck_out_tongue:


They need to have him write a novel, or series.


This line of thought reminds me of Zahn’s Conqueror’s Trilogy.


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