Eight: Kala's Story


Faster than light.


Faster Than Light


i feel so derp for not knowing that.


The monsters do disintegrate when they die, boiling and breaking down within minutes of their death unless preserved, this is established, and fits with their hna being inherently unstable without a limiting factor. the reason the team does not have monster samples on board the ship is that they don’t store, without proper tech to maintain their structure at least.


I just was waiting for someone else to ask so that I could know lol. :smiling_imp:


I really dont feel like reading through 186 comments but i think its safe to say that it isn’t since Mathew described the director as: [quote=“Matthew, post:1, topic:81205”]
Hair so sun-bleached as to be almost blonde

and Caira doesn’t have blonde hair. Plus, it sounds like these events happened after the evacuation of Shear which gives us additional evidence that it cant be Caira since she was on the team helping the evacuation.


Yeah I overlooked that and never changed my post after I did a second read-through.


oh ok! wasn’t sure if someone answered that or not. sorry!


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I have never heard this conversation.

Between which characters has this been stated?


While reading this I realized something. If the HNA requires a conscious mind to stabilize it, that means it’s not possible for monsters to be born as monsters. They have to not be monsters and then at some point gain the HNA and become monsters, so they need to gain that HNA through a natural process or my favorite theory, a manual process.


Nice thought. But maybe the mother’s consciousness stabilizes the unborn’s HNA while on the womb? Just like a mamalian embryo is dependent on its mother when it comes warmth, nutrients, immune system etc…

Just a thought :smiley:


Why did I read all the Kala convos in Kim-K’s annoyingly high pitched voice? :sob:


no plz Azmi…plz don’t make this real.


Too late. This is one time when I support @Azmi_Anuar, this is gonna be a thing!


Hmm, so maybe Kala has found some way to control the HNA of a monster? Perhaps she can puppet a monster around or something.


When they die their corpses bubble and burst like the evolve animations, this is most visible in defend watching the monster die,

but I had a game that bugged and the wraith died without the game ending, the body decayed after only a few seconds of the animation finishing, which is technically not cannon, but that is how it works.


I mean KalaK post Shear does look a lot like KimK post ST and KUWTK.

Look up some older KimK pics and compare her to unmutated KalaK. The resemblance is uncanny,

Yess this shall be my new gimmick, I shall go and make a poll about which people would prefer to be mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


I vote Kala/Kim!


I think it’s because we called her KK and her nickname …