Ego Drop D:


In this time of excitement and dread, I’ve a dire confession to make…

I never died. Not once. I gave fifteen hours to the Big Alpha, at least 10 of them as a monster, and as that monster, beloved Goliath (and a few Krakens), I never lost a single round. The trauma of the last few hours, unable to stop playing but bizarrely, perfectionistically obsessed with the idea that I COULD NOT LOSE, COULD NOT DIE, COULD NOT LET MY BROOD GO WITHOUT THEIR FIREY HOT MAMA D:>

And… Now I have to accept that I am going to. I am saying this as a means of ritualistically dropping my infuriating ego. I will die, I will lose rounds, my monster will be hounded to the ends of the earth and shot until he barely carries a drop of blood and blind, furious will alone can no longer animate his heavy, heavy limbs.

I will be sad. I may even feel anger at those puny mosquitoes that stung, and stung, and stung no matter how many I swatted down.

… but that’s okay… because we had our good times. We survived the whole Alpha.

Goliath won’t blame me. I gave him a good ride.

It’s okay… right? Tell me it’s okay to die =(

I present myself for your bullets. Today the monster will die. Get it over with quickly, so I can get back to enjoying this game without this bizarre compulsion holding me back from easy fun ;-;

… Thank you.

(if anyone has any thoughts on similar obsessive traits that manifest when playing games, do share - I’d like to know I’m not the only mad crazy who occasionally CANNOT LOSE and goes into hypactive overdrive, or fixates upon a particular self-defined objective. There were these marines in Halo 2 and I… No, nevermind…)


Rounds will be won and lost.

The statistics will stay indifferent of any side. Thus, I’m pretty much relieved, as I can turn back to calculating my victories.


It isn’t victory, Lagger. It’s survival. It’s refusing to lose, round by round >:l


They will find you, and they will kill you. It’s just a matter of when they will come for you. So far I haven’t lost as monster either, though I’ve only played maybe 4-5 rounds as him. I’ve never been caught before I wanted to be found (which is stage 2 full armor. And I’ve yet to really have my skills tested to the point I feared defeat. (came down to 2 bars as a stage 2, but they were getting creamed so I decided to stick around longer than I should’ve)


Had a similar experience in the Alpha (wasn’t undefeated, but I was strong), and it’s been far more difficult this time. There’s a thread around here that discusses the nerfs since the Alpha, and they’re not that severe, so … yeah, it’s me. Hunters are better at sticking together. I just hope our w/l stats won’t carry over upon release! I want a fresh start on D-day!


Why do people like to run as monster? I for one as soon as the game starts feed on some wildlife, gain a few armor bars and beat the living crap out of the hunters. Go back when armor is gone and do it over and over. All my pub matches I have won stage one as goliath, except a few where the hunters where really good


Oh, you guys are going to learn >.> Good hunters are scary. You feel truly hounded, barely scraping by, using stealth instead of combat over and over. Constantly sniffing, crawling, hiding. Growing. Waiting.

Fun <3


Someone called?


i already live life accepting my mortality and am just waiting for it to happen now.


Hasn’t happened yet. I’ve discovered Wraith, and his Decoy. What I have done to them is… so cruel. HURRY UP AND KILL ME THE TENSION IS RUINING THE FUN. I keep wanting to play hunter so I can’t lose a monster round ;-;


… That is admirable, Zhoyzu. I almost wish I could do the same.


Her. While there is no canon gender for the monsters, wraith is more commonly referred to as female due to her body’s shape


I’ve only played against her once, and our team was literally terrified – her presence changes the air. :fearful:

We put a pretty nice dent in her, though.


@Jakkar, don’t be afraid! You’ll be heading to a better place in the skies of monster’s heaven! a place of peace and harmony, an endless jungle with packs of 6 mammoth birds to feed upon! a place with infinite stamina and unlimited stage transformations! But most importantly, a place where the sheer terror of daisy doesn’t stop you from sneaking until your satisfied!

Accept it in your hearth and you will see the light brother!


You’re right, I usually would - I guess I identify with whatever monster I’m playing and think of it as male. Obviously these creatures have no conventional sex, but I find their humanoid aspects very interesting. They don’t even look like parallel-evolved pseudo-simians - they are obviously human in nature - the pelvis, femur and lower leg transitioning into the tentacle of the wraith are unmistakable.


I’ve never lost more than 15% health as a Wraith - you do not yet know fear, as your opponent was clearly fighting straight, not stealthy D: And I only learned last night that Abduction works from a HUGE range, too! <3


I’ve never played against her, as I primary preference monster… I am worried about doing so :x


I… I… I like eating Daisy :x When I kill her as Wraith, then decoy, and eat her corpse while my double is busy cutting up Maggie.


Is that so? doing such atrocities to Daisy ?! HOW could you?!

Forget heaven, your going to HELL for that.


its really funny when you eat bucket…let that sink in


Love it! I won’t be able to test her until release.