Effective way to combat a wraith


Our team has found a way to combat the wraith unfortunately our method is only useful to those who prepurchased due to the need for cabot

team is caira or val (you can get away with val for the tranq but speed is nice)

cabot absolute must his dmg amplifier and dust tagging are essential

griffin his harpoons if used effectively really combo nicely with dmg amplifier and assault

markov/hyde depending on medic. If u use ciara go with markov. If u use val go with hyde.The main reason is the burning flame effect from ciara or hyde will reveal the true location of a decoyed wraith

As for gameplay its pretty standard hunter play griffin set out your spikes cabot constantly dust tag when u finally dome the wraith it is necessary for either cabot or giffin to dust tag or spike to see the monster at all times

When the fight begins and I cant stress this enough separate!!! Stick close and one easy supernova will down most of your squad

When assaults shield is ready aggro the monster coordinate a griffin harpoon and cabot dmg amp and assualt n medic if possible go to town

With that low health bar at stage 3 its quite possible to take down the monster with only a 3-5 goes with the combo…I get it easier said than done but my team and I have managed to take down a few wraiths with this method


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I do t know if you know this but if griffin has harpooned the wraith and it decoys the harpoon stays attached to the original, giving away it’s position and making it waste decoy or keep on being shot