Effective Team Compositions



I just wanted to create a place where people could post team compositions they think are strong or just want people to try out. Unfortunately, having comps work in custom games doesn’t mean these comps will amount to much in an actual match. There’s the annoyance of not being able to select perks for the AI controller characters and a lot of the time the AI will ignore your help e.g Sunny’s booster.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with different compositions to make DOT more fun and effective. I was also trying to make some of the weaker characters seem more enticing. So far, I have come up with:

Hyde or Renegade Abe
Wasteland Maggie w/ Posionous rounds & Acidic round perks.
Bucket w/ Poisonous rounds & Acidic round perks
Rogue Val

Renegade Abe
Crow w/ Extra force, Destructive force & Lethal force
Val w/ Leadership & Command


Caira, Cabot, Torvald and Griffin/Jack/Abe.

You either get free heals when he dodges mortar strikes or you get about nine million points of damage when he doesn’t. :slight_smile:

Or, Caira/Bucket/Abe/Hyde, Torvald, Parnell or Blitz. So much zone control that it hurts lol.



fun dot team
Rogue val
Rage abe
wasteland magge
bucket [turrets+poison perk]


I’ve seen people state on the forums with absolute certainty that the acidic rounds perk applies to his turrets and others say with just as much certainty that it doesn’t.


I’m pretty sure it does apply to turrets. At least that’s what the damage numbers indicated while I was in custom matches. I could post a pic if you’d like. The damage numbers show up in purple.