Effective playtime vs loading screens and bugs



Hey everyone, this is no hate, been a player since first day but you guys really need to improve loadingtimes and the matchmaking. I’ve checked my effective playtime. Its 14h. While my steam told me I’ve been playing this game 25h past 2 weeks. My uncles effective playtime is 17h but in steam 34h. I know that you are working on the lobby is full bug, but it would also be awesome If we could get rid of the 2 minute cooldown in character screen and change it to 1 minute or 1:30m. I don’t want to waste 50% of my time with loadingscreens and waitingtimes.

Thanks for reading.


if you had been a player since day one, you would not complain. this right now is absolute heaven in terms of waiting time to playing time.

back in the days you had 3 loadings screens and 5 countdowns. for whatever reason.


50% gametime 50% waiting time is absolute heaven? because it was already totally bullshit back the days it doesnt make it better now…


I haven’t been able to test it, but I thought that if everyone had picked their perks that the countdown timer would cut short since everyone was ready. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I think waiting times are what they are right now mostly because people aren’t streamlined in their decision making at perk selection.


First of all, your numbers are arbitrary. My games last from 5-10minutes on average and i wait for a game around 3minutes.

But whatever. It will not improve any further. Gotten this far is a blessing and it took only a year.talk about long waiting times.


You can check your numbers yourself. Click on your name and check Effective Playtime vs Steam playtime.

I got 6 guys playing with, everyone got the same times(50%gameplay 50% waiting) I don’t know how someone can accept such long waitingtimes. We played 180 minutes today and had about 10 games with 6x bot monsters and 3 times one of our group lol(even tho everyone had it on 5th place)


you are right! i have 2 hours playtime and 455 hours logged in steam. Thats 0,4 percent playtime!

Seriously. What are you suggesting? This can only be improved by a larger playerbase… which is hardly a goal.


playtime in steam for last 2 weeks dude. I didn’t play it since the change to stage 2 for months. Just check your last 2 weeks like we did.


and where can i view this stat?


Start the game and open the steam overlay: It shows you your playtime within last 2 weeks and your general playtime


thx! 9-4. but i don´t think thats accurate due to all the idle time and stuff.