Editing the dog Daisy


As a moster is really painful plays vs that fucking dog… i mean if there are 4 brainless u can always win, but if they cooperate 4+1 vs the monster is not fair.
My petitions are
1 To remove the possibility to resurrect other guy beacause is unfair first of all (an hunter should know when to ress or not)
2 Let the dog to resurrect ONLY their owner so… the trapper.
3 Drammatically reduce their hp

Stop these fucking dogs resurrection all the teams.
And stop help ppl with stupid characters that do that a good player should do! like ress, stealth and so on.


Daisy is still a dumb mut. She only follows you, tries rezing a Hunter then gets scared when she sees you. She’s not really doing anything other than her job, which is finding you.


and i noticed that have to be killed to win the game so its 1vs5 not fair not fair at all


I’m sorry, but if you think Daisy is op, then it calls for a serious re-evaluation of you’re current playstyle.


Daisy’s fine where she is. She finds the monster, and will punish a careless one.

Daisy won’t hurt you, but you need to keep her in mind.


I feel like she should definitely not count as a hunter. It’s just a drag when you have to kill her to finish off the match. With a hunter, it can be really intense if there’s only like, 15 seconds left on the drop timer, with Daisy it’s more like watching sad porn…


This thread screams, “I’ve been playing for less than five hours”.


Daisy is a coward. If you so much as MOVE in her general direction, she’ll cancel her channel even if she’d of been clear by the time you arrived. She very rarely actually gets a revive up, and even then it’s because the Monster didn’t care, or they simply lacked the situational awareness to deal with her. This applies to your second point as well.

Why? She’s harmless, she quits channels easily, and when she’s the only one left, she moves predictably and is Pounce Bait. Her HP is fine. Any lower and she may as well spend the whole match dead.

If anything, Daisy needs buffs! She’s almost useless as a Tracking Method, Planet Scanner does what she offers better on a short CD, she falls WAY behind Hunters because she takes a day and a half to climb a cliff, and she has an uncanny knack for getting in the way of damage she could easily avoid… until it’s time to pick up a Hunter, then she avoids the Monster like the plague, to their detriment

She’s at most a glorified Compass to point out the hemisphere of the Monster. A decent Anti-Juke method. That’s about it. I pick Maggie for Harpoons, not Daisy. Poor pup needs some love.


I think Laz should create an injection that the hunters can use so that they can self rez.

Daisy I think should be able to be called to the tapper with the button if the trapper wants priority.


I usually end up killing daisy mid fight by accident half the time lol

She never really gets in my way as monster, except if I’m wraith. She body blocks abducts like a champ. I swear its on purpose too.


They should make daisy run away when she is last hunter standing like the alpha


She used too. I don’t know when that changed but I remember she used to run like crazy and if you didn’t get on her in time the hunters would all come back. Lol


Ah the good old days of the Alpha!


Stop to help these fucking hunters to do what they should do daisy is not harmless… u have always to remember where is she and what’s is doing.

daisy atm do what the hunter should do alone like ressing ppl.