Edited I change my mind about Hyde's grenades, but his minigun needs a small boost


Laughable damage and they debuff your team by slowing them down? Not only that, but the minigun has terrible accurace and meh damage. I’m not sure what was being thought when hyde was considered balanced. As it stands, Markov outclasses him.

My suggestions would be to increase minigun accuracy or damage, remove the debuff on the toxic grenades and increase their damage. No other class has a tool that does friendly fire, why should Hyde? We should make Parnell’s shotgun and Markov’s mines hurt the team as well.


They work for what I use them for…


Work great when combined with flamethower, monster just melts away.


They do have great use, but I agree in that Hyde feels a little lackluster. The other two Assaults are versatile; they can do their job fine by themselves. But Hyde really needs his team to pick up the slack and make things easier for him.


For tickling the monster so he remembers to finish you?


Hyde is the only assault that can do 3 types of damage on the monster at a time with toxic grenade burning from the flamethrower and then the minigun this absolutely shreds monsters. Also the toxic grenades can be used to get the monster away from a downed teamate or flush him out of a corner



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This. In their five second duration they do as much damage as a mine, and Monsters underestimate them frequently.


I could use Hyde if I wanted to, but then it’s more work for the same amount of damage I can be racking upmore easily with Markov or Parnell since their kit doesn’t slow their own team down.

Still waiting for them to increase the cooldown on the grenade and remove the team slow.


As much as JUST a single mine? Over how many seconds? Almost 10?


Considering that mines take three seconds to arm, are extremely obvious and easy to avoid, and the toxic nade does that damage in six seconds, I’d say it’s fine.


Your team can jetpack out of it, doesnt slow your jetpack down. And if you have hank he can sheild the one thats being focused in the gas while you turn it into charcoal with the gas and Flamthrower.



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I wouldn’t say that Hydes stink bombs are useless, they just take a bit to get used to. It also needs to be noted that Markov’s mines aren’t exactly 100% team friendly either. If a hunter’s standing on top of the mine and it detonates, it can easily disorient them or mess up their positioning. The only reason why people don’t like Hydes nades is because it can immediately affect a group and has a bigger range, instead of something which triggers reactively and has a small radius.

A player controlling Hyde simply needs to communicate with his team if he’s going to use his nade among the group, and know when not to throw it (E.G. Someone running away from the monster). But is definitely NOT useless, especially with a Cabot on the crew. Hydes stink bombs + flamethrower = MELTED MONSTER. The same thing can be said about mines, but a good monster player can easily avoid arc mines or outright destroy them.



People must realize that Hyde’s grenades are PERFECT against Wraith.So Wraith kills a downed hunter and pops invisibility to eat the body so Lazarus can’t res?Throw a toxic grenade in the body and Wraith can’t kill.

His grenades are an OP poison.It is like buckets turrets.Low damage but if you stick around it hurts more than an orbital barrage.

And again the tactic i just mentioned against Wraith.


You’re gonna have to elaborate on this one. I’ve never seen any adverse effect from standing on a mine


If you’re sitting on top of a mine and it explodes, it’s explosion will push ya back.

Nothing much to elaborate on @BL1TZ :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m gonna have to test that when i get home. Never noticed


This kind of posts: “I don’t like how this was implemented: it should work like this and this. Change it”.


Hyde is a bit deceptive, he looks simple and easy but there a several little things to playing him well, as hyde I usually average a bit more then 12k damage on decent length games and he has the best area denial ability of all the assaults, yes mines do more damage quickly but good monsters can destroy them without ever stepping on them and they can sniff them around corners which shuts them down completely, Hyde does feel a bit lackluster right now because he lacks burst damage but overall he holds up well in the right hands and has the best aoe further more and this is a big thing for me he is the only assault who can deal damage around corners and when he cant even see the monster making him much more dependable, if markov and parnell cant keep sight of the monster they cant hurt it but hyde can allowing good hyde players to keep the pressure on at all times during a fight and as mentioned here he counters wraith really well, I dont think he’s underpowered at all he just needs a good player at the controller which is I feel why they give you markov first since he’s much easier to play and even aims for you, similar to hanks orbital drops the effectiveness of the grenades just depends on who’s using them and how