Edit! Matchmaking doesn't work . .


I shouldn’t be given the option of preferred role, if I get into a lobby of 3 people and my preferred role is open, and I don’t get that role… That’s just ridiculous. Solo mode is fun though. Does anyone know if there will be an option for unranked 5 party people, so that 5 friends can play together and switch their roles up or something? Multiplayer just isn’t my thing anymore.

I really feel like anytime I want to play as the monster, I get dropped into the hunters. Anytime I want to play as a hunter, I’m always a monster, even if there are slots open for my desired role. I hope there’s no problem with my pre-order bonus, because while the matchmaking online is incredibly frustrating, it’s still a really fun game to play. Any news from anyone would be appreciated!

Edit: The matchmaking thing I was complaining about doesn’t happen in Skirmish. I figured I would leave this post up so at least devs can see whats going on in the other mode. I’ll be sticking to Skirmish and dealing with the random DC’s (Please look into that?) until a patch comes for Evacuation’s matchmaking. Cheers guys!


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There are Multiplayer Custom games, it’s the third option on the Multiplayer menu. Invite your friends and play how you want.


I’ll have to look into that, thanks. I’d heard that it doesn’t go toward any kind of achievements, though? Nothing like skins or new stars for abilities, but the actual achievements?


Achievements track in custom games.