EDIT: FIXED Tournament Question Plz answer ASAP

So the tourney is best of 5 but we only pick 3 maps? We ban 4, pick tiebreaker then 2nd map then 1st map… so do we play 1st then 2nd then 1st then 2nd then tiebreaker? never done a tourney like this before so idk whats up with this.

Also, the site is down and check in is in an hour… like wtf lol

EDIT: Fixed :smile:

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Agree >_>
Basically we play first, we play second, if one team wins both maps and ends up with 4-0 or 3-1 you dont play tie breaker.

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@DamJess any info on the tournament ?

Only three maps are picked because the monster from team A plays the hunters from team B while the monster from team B plays the hunters from team A on both of the first two maps, which makes four games. The third map is used as a tiebreaker for the fifth game.

Thanks guys, now we just need the website to load so i can put in my subs and get this rolling

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